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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

what this update for p101 means

So I'm assuming you all know p101 is getting an update, its small but not unimportant! KI said that they would be releasing story bits in small updates which means we are getting a ton of updates hopefully. This update includes daily missions which unfortunately don't change atm but might in the future. True this update is pretty much a copy of some wiz stuff but nevertheless this is a milestone for the game! Why is it a milestone for a small update? you may ask. Well let me explain, for the last update we had to wait 3 years as some of you may know and while Valencia part 2 has been out for awhile and this is a small update this shows that kingsilse is not ignoring pirate101 and that this is a sign for future updates without as much wait. Personally I look forward to this idea, most games generally do the following:
1 do large updates over long periods of time
2 do a ton of large updates periodically with lots of bugs

pirate101 fell into the first category for awhile but it seems they are out of that and the second category would be games like swtor, while a favorite game of mine does the second and has yet to fix most of its bugs. overall while this is a small update its a big deal!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

what to get for the new update

Alright so p101 is getting an update which includes ship pvp, new quests, possibly crafting, team up kiosk, and other things. so i'm going to give you the general run down of what you need to prepare for this update...

1 ship items
with ship pvp this could be a new chance to get scrip, generally your going to find the items you need from 2 places
1 the ship item vendor in florenza docks and martin chambers "the pretender" found sailing between florenza, barbaninzo villa, the palace and the stormgate to Aquila. the ship items vendor is right next to the ship vendor, while you can pick up most of what you need from him, martin drops some special horns better than the kraken which you will need.

2 gear
simple enough, kane can get you the gear you need unless you prefer some stuff from moo like his outfit or bloods jacket, but I recommend kane for your gear essentials.

3 pet, this is personal, personally for me I try to get as many talent grants as possible that best suit me being a buccaneer. like I said this will be different for everyone because some people like it to have charm while I don't so this is more for you to decide what best suites your play style.

4 a good team
as we learned in vp2 test things are getting harder, so I would get all your companions to max (yes even the ones you never use just in case) also you might want to get some extra companions so you can have some spares.

5 extra essentials
this is stuff that is not necessary but for just in case, the list is; gold, extra companion points, stuff that sells at a high price, doubloons, active friends, some elixirs (not yet though save some crowns and see if you have to buy them first). things like that

until I know more about the update I wont add to this guide, and due to the wide Varity of things such as gear alone I can't add pictures. hope this at least helped a bit, what the update means comes next then who knows?