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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The winterbane gauntlet and beowulf

We all know of the legendary winterbane gauntlet from w101, THE place to farm snacks (of which I'm a proud owner of the bundle) but what if I told you there was no spoon, um I mean it is based off of the first piece of literature to be made in English?
first a little bit about the novel

A Viking and his tribe are eating in their great hall (winter bane hall) when a dragon gets sick of all the noise and sends grendles to stop them (not making this up, grendles) so Beowulf the king of the tribe fights his way through the dragons borough and fights the dragon, in the end he wins because of help from his friends but ultimately dies.

The winterbane hall quest
1 fight grendles who are attacking a norse king check
fight your way to a dragon check
takes place in a borough under a hall check
so are you seeing what I'm seeing? this is basically word for word a piece of English history. but i'm not here to judge wizard101 for copying, I want to congratulate them for teaching us about it, we are reading it in class and thanks to Kingsisle I know the story already!

short post I know but i'm getting back into the groove, cya soon!