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Thursday, January 19, 2017

A guide to pet snack farming in pirate101 and wizard101

A guide to pet snacks

1 Mirror lake. Drops 2 mega snacks every time located in zafaria in the "commons area" must finish  the world to get to it though
2 Winterbane, drops multiple mega snacks  Available  from the now retired winter bane gauntlet. You can search house from house for it, check the popular ones.
3 skeleton key bosses. drops mega snacks One in mooshu, (wood key, storm) one in Avalon (stone key, fire) one in Polaris (gold key, shadow)
4 The gallery in khrysalis. Drops mega snacks (end of part 2 before morganthe  3 fights each with 2 bosses.)
5 darkmoor, drops multiple mega snacks. (any place in it works. available at lvl 100.)

1 The spider boss in devilfish grotto. (go up a ladder which will lead you to a small cliff, go up the second latter to a ruin like place  and fight the spider boss. He may not appear every time.)
2 pet pvp (go to bestia talk to Decius and either choose player vs. player or practice.
3 mobs in devilfish grotto  (any work, they are cool ranch lvl so make sure your around lvl 15 or 20
4 mb bosses. several mb bosses in the sewers drop good pet snacks.
5 Kane while his pet snack drops are okay, the other rewards far outweigh the pet snacks. First must beat the game to farm.

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