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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wizard Vs Pirate

Who would win, my buccaneer jack nightingale? or my pyromancer Jack Skullbreeze?
Today we find out!
Lets look at Jack S. 
Profile: lvl 110 pyromancer, knows all fire spells not dropped, crafted, gear exclusive, and tc exclusive. He also knows all storm spells bought from teachers from ravenwood and the arcanum. He knows shadow magic and specializes in sun magic. He wears little armor and prefers a staff over sword. He isn't used to hand to hand combat, relies on mana and pips. He has defeated morganthe once and malistaire 3 times and is very powerful. But how will he fare if Jack N gets close and Jack has no good cards? Typically jack starts with 5 total pips and likes to start with dragon. however if
Jack N gets close it could be over for Jack S.

Backstory: Jack Skullbreeze came from earth. He learned Pyromancy at Wizard city, saved the spiral multiple times and has traveled to many different worlds, becoming a hero at every one.

Now for Jack Nightingale!:
Profile: Jack N Always has at least three crew members with him. Mainly Goronado, a large gorilla with a big ax, Peter quint, a pelican with a ax also, and Barnabus, a heavily armored sloth with a big ax. Jack could take care of what Jack S has to offer in storm, facing against stormzilla, having control over the kraken and lightning bats and not afraid of a silly storm. He has learned a number of melee attacks and is no stranger to magic. Jack N. outnumbers jack S and has the means to get to him fast. But Jack is weak against magic as are his companions, A magic hit would do great damage to him and his companions. However we must remember in dragonspyre history a wizard beat a warrior only once, will this be twice or will the record stay the same?

Backstory: Raised in GH Jack does lots of damage. He became a pirate just like his parents, was captured by the armada but escaped. He has since become a legendary buccaneer, with a powerful ship and allot of powerful companions Jack N has become a formidable foe. Mastered large swords and able to use guns, staffs, knifes, and shields Jack N can use any weapon you give him. Jack N also is in charge of a golden chicken empire which has talons holding onto land in a few worlds.

This fight has been brought to you by Gold chicken empire popcorn. The best popcorn around!


Jack N. "Well well well, looks like we have to fight! Shall we begin?"

Jack S. "Yes lets!. And it seems I go first! Ill pass."

Jack N. "My turn!"

Jack charges across the battlefield landing a series of slices against Jack S. He then sends his companions who brutally hack at Jack S sending him near death.

Jack S. "Almost got me, but lets make some sparks, STORMZILLA, I SUMMON YOU!

With that the stormzilla came but saw the one who beat him and ran away. 

Jack S. "Shoot."

Jack N "my turn again!"

With that Jack N did an assassin strike and knocked out Jack S. The Winner is the pirate!

"Awwww, I didn't even get to use my cannons. Oh well, go me, its my birthday, go me its my birthday."

So due to The wizards need of pips Jack N took an early lead and would have been able to take the wizard out Stormzilla or not.

-Jack Nightingale/Skullbreeze lvl 110 pyromancer and lvl 70 buccaneer

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