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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

my favorite things about pirate101

My Favorite things about Pirate101

       Pirate101 is my favorite MMO. Ill list you a few reasons why I prefer it over its elder brother Wizard101.

1. better graphics. Pirate101 although it only has slightly better graphics, the difference is noticeable. Although small, it makes all the difference,

2. The story line. Pirate101 by far has a better story line. I just go along with wiz story line but in Pirate101 I dive into it and could be lost for hours in it. Its funnier, has more references, and seems more reasonable. To be fair wiz story is good, but it doesn't capture me like Piirate101's story line.

3 Gold chickens! I have to admit, this is one of the best housing items in both games, they move and they look so funny! What can I say, I get "egg"cited when I get one. Decorating with them is "egg" celent. I do admit to egging my friends on how many I have, I guess its sort of fowl play on my part in friendship.

4 The community. By far the Pirate101 community is better than the Wizard101 community. There is no Wu realm dye shop in Pirate101 to avoid.

5 The weapons. What Pirate101 lacks in Gear looks they make up in weapons. I love to smack people with a shovel or stab them with an umbrella. Pirate101 has allot of cool weapons, in Wizard101 the cool ones cost money.

6 Ships and customizing them, Pirate101 is one of the few games where you get a bunch of different ships and have a bunch of different looks for them. This makes this game unique and more fun to play,

7 Enemy names. In Wizard101 only bosses have names. In Pirate101 most enemies have names so its easier to identify them and tell who to target, If that fails you can just highlight their square. This also makes Pirate101 more diverse and realistic having allot of enemies with different names, Plus some are funny too! (I saw a ninja pig named "Ninja Ninja"!)

8 PVP. I don't pvp much but I find Pirate101 PVP isn't as broken as wiz pvp. Plus there's no shield spam, loremaster, or anything like that,

9. Worlds. Pirate101 worlds are better done to be honest, Look at the detail in Marleybone. Simply exhilarating! The graphics, story, characters, and of course companions interacting. So much fun!

10 Companions! From gracies smart remarks, to ratbeard and bonnies fighting (along with her sarcastic remarks.) lets not forget catbeards fabulousness! Companions make this a great game and i'm always excited to get more! (My favorite I currently have would be Goronado. A perfect buccaneer companion and he looks so funny! I imagine him taking up most of the ships weight and if someone takes his bananas he will go Donkey Kong! But the one I want the most is the armada dragoon!"

11. Pets! I know I said pets in wiz were better, but in looks Pirate101 beats them. From the Easter eggs to the looks pirate101 has mastered pleasing the players with good looking pets. My favorite is the scrimshaw drake. He looks so cool plus it was one of my first pets. I wish I could get the perfect pet on a drake but all my best pets are fire toads D:

And those are just a few of the things I love about Pirate101! What do you love about it?

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