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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

more talents in p101 and your pets

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was a bit busy dealing with school and my computer is broken so I have to use my phone. But on with the show!

So we all know pirate101 gave classes new ranks for your talents. This changes everyone's gear set, a and once again changes the ideal pet image. The people most affected by this are the melee classes, so im going to tell you the new ideal melee pet. All grants for one, try to obtain the following.
1 grants reposite. This goes for all melee classes, but helps bucklers more
2 grants relentless. This is an essential talent that if you want to make fights easier you have to know this
3 grants turn the tide, this helps all classes but bucks especially, when the update where bucks got turn the tide 3 came out it was no longer a priority, but now it is. Back to the struggle of getting it!
4 grants repel boarders. This helps all of us, as a buck it helps me stop an enemy and then hit them.
5 grants elusive, as a buccaneer while not a swashbuckler this helps me, not only do I get turn the tide but I also get elusive, I'm hard to hit, but if you do hit me I deal heavy damage.
6 grants vengeance strike. This is good for all classes but bucks especially, I have yet to see it in action but I believe we get more vengeance strike hits.
7 this last one is up to you depending on how you want your char, since this is a melee build you would want to go for triton song, or if you prefer a class buff.
This is the ideal melee pet, but gear plays heavily into this, weapons from the tower of moo Manchu and from the new pack help. Allot of gear giving grants are dropped in Aquila. But for things such as hats and boots you would look to bundles for the better gear with grants. This system is likely to change, in a new update we might learn our rank 5 talents. But you still want to try to get these in case we only learn one rank. Once again sorry for the lack of posts. I'll try to make up for it!

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