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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

jack and armadatraz part VII

Jack and armadatraz part VII The finale part 1 the escape

“Welcome boys and girls to the end of my tale!”


“Ummm part one!”


“Don't you want to live this tale to the fullest?”

“No not really, half of us need to use the bathroom, the other half are hungry.”

“Just wait, I have five more hours and I intend to use them.”

“Why did you get so much time with us?”

“Because John, all your parents need a break from you. You cause so much trouble at home they stuck you with me. Be good or be forced to listen to me talk all your young life!”

“NOOOOOOOO We will be good! We swear! Just don't make us come back!”

“Sheesh fine, now for our story.”

“So there we were, it was a sunny day, and we were called to breakfast.”


“Love you to brass monkey!”


“I get that allot. Hey, gearhead, what’s for breakfast?”

“Today we have slop, nobody cared enough to make anything else.”

“Your honesty leaves something to be desired. Very well, on your table be it.”

“Actually it will be on your table. Don't you ever tell me what to do ”

“Sure sure. I wasn't telling you what to do anyways but I won't anymore. quoth the raven, nevermore.”

With that we went back to our table. There we discussed our plans.

“Sooooooooo, Hawkules tell the guard watching us about your father.”

“Gladly! So I bet you didn't know my father was zeus, let me tell you all about it!”

“Alright that should occupy the guard for the next twenty four hours. So are we all set?”


“Okay then, we all know the plan?”


“Uh huh. Now for the last part, where we go to. We take “The Vendetta” to my hideout in Valencia. The skull fort. There we shall take the portal to my villa and we will be home free. I have an agent aboard “The Vendetta”. Who remembers Gaspard?”

“The little guinea pig captain my captain?”

“Right Scratch, he’s from valencia and has been aboard “The Vendetta”  waiting for us to arrive. The ship is full of guinea pigs who can fight, they will take the docks and destroy all the ships except ours and in the confusion we escape. Since they have no ships the clockworks can't escape and they will have to take the docks to get us. With the prison crumbling many clockworks will be destroyed, they will have no cannons to stop us and the dogs can easily take back this skyway. The area covering here from the valencia stormgate is still under armada control, but I don't know for how long so we must hurry. Understood?”

“Aye Aye Captain!”

“Good, Breakfast is about over so let’s finish and wait.”

With that me and my crew waited until night, that's when we began. We broke the lock on the door with the rock, took out the guards on the floor and armed ourselves. We then proceeded to the basement and took back our weapons and gear and rearmed ourselves. Then we covered the weak spots in the wall and set a trail to explode. We went onto the top floor. Hid and lit the gunpowder, we waited and then a large boom was heard throughout the fortress, all the armada and the brass monkey rushed downstairs and then we locked the door behind them when they couldn't see it. We were soon out and blew up the weak points in the wall on the first floor bringing the fortress down. We proceeded outside seeing a large fight on the docks and the main island. Thankfully the guinea pigs were winning. The dock was captured and all ships but “The Vendetta” were in flames. We were about to escape!” We made our way to the dock, zip lining on the rope and boarded “The Vendetta” and met up with Gaspard who was ready to set sail.

“Little did we know our adventure had just begun!”

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