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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

jack and armadatraz part VI

Jack and armadatraz part VI The craziness continues!

“Alright so let the story continue, oh no, RATBEARD GET OUT OF THE GUNPOWDER! Be right back. Watch this while you wait.”

    “Brad!” “Jessica!” “I missed you brad!” “I missed you Jessica, every second I’m away from you I feel empty, there's something I have to ask you, Jessica, will you do me the honor of…”

    “And we are back, Ratbeard was about to explode more stuff, but luckily I stopped him in a short time. What? What are you looking at me like that for? Nevermind, I occupied everyone so no interruptions! Now let's continue…”

    The plan is beginning to begin…

    “The plan is beginning to begin? Arr i’ve seen better writing on mistranslated instruction manuals.”

    “Ratbeard, if you wrote this story it would go like this. Arrrr I was awesome and everything exploded. The end.”


    *sigh* “Sherlock does it again. Now let's continue…”

    The pirate crew waits until the dogs have begun the invasion. Meanwhile they gather more gunpowder. The dogs were to invade by the end of the year, 11 months from now…

    “Jessica, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” “Brad, this is all so sudden, I don’t know, should I? Can I? I think...I think... my answer is-”

    “And we are back. What, why are you giving me a dirty look. Is it about ‘The Hourglass Called Life”? It’s a great show isnt it. But not as great as a chihuahua in a waffle costume breakdancing.”

    “That has nothing to do with anything captain my captain.”
    “Sure it does, it has to do with what I just said, wait... when did you get here. You haven't bothered to show up until now! Go get out of here! Let's continue!”

    “Did your hear optimus verdus, the dogs have invaded and are winning! Half of us have already left to defend port regal and more are leaving every day to defend other territories. The brass monkey better know what he is doing, sending most of us away.”

    “Did you hear that crew? Only a small amount of clockworks are left, time to put our plan into action. We know we are going to use the gunpowder to distract the enemy and blow up the doors leading out, the rope too climb, now to tell you about the rock.”

    “Arrr why a rock it has no use, we need something to open the doors to our cells and gear.”

    “For once the git is right.”

    “Bonnie, ratbeard please.”


    “Catbeard, shush. Now for the plan.”

    “The plan, we use the rock to open the doors, with the doors open we take the armadas weapons for a bit, fight our way to the basement to our weapons, explode the basement, the fort will fall, we use the rope to zipline between the dock and fort and we steal an armada dreadnaught. I’m thinking “The Vendetta” with over 100 cannons, thick metal armor, and incredible speed it will more than make up for our loss. Plus Ratbeard can’t blow it up!”

    “With that kids, we were prepared to steal my current ship, “The Clockwork Bird” which has yet to be blown up by ratbeard!”

    “Sir! Wasn’t it called “The Vendetta”?”

    “Yes Jimmy that was its name, but I renamed it because I like toast.”

    “Toast? Seriously? What does toast have to do with clockwork birds?”

    “Susie, birds like bread, which means they like toast, therefore it fits.”

    “It makes more sense if you look at it as if you were the king of chickens, a type of bird, and your last name was nightingale.”

    “Thank you very much Tommy, that's my new excuse. Now back to the story!”

    “I like toast.”

    “Don't we all joe. Don't we all. I like trains. Also I like turtles. Oh my out of time. Also kids, watch “V for Vendetta” it's good.

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