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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

final jack and armadatraz! part X

Jack and Armadatraz X: It's the final showdown

We're leaving together, But it's not farewell, we’ll come back with more stories to tell, on earth or the spiral who can tell? There’s nobody to blame, there's no sound (no sound) Things will always be the same. IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! Oh, we’re heading for Valencia, standing tall, because maybe they’ve seen us, and will welcome us all, with so many tales to go, and things to be told, i’m sure we’ll all miss this so. IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! OH, IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN OH IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN OH IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! We’re leaving together, we’ll all miss this so, OH IT'S THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! YEAH!
“And that kids, is why rock and roll is awesome!”
    “I don't like rock.”
    “You're dead to me jimmy, dead to me.”
    Today's story we have the final chapter, Jack and his crew go through valencia to their secret hideout and escape, but they will face trials on the way, as you may have guessed a certain stubborn primate shows up once again. Will jack and his crew defeat him? Will the armada find out the people manning the Vendetta aren't allies? Will Jack and his crew escape? Why am I asking you these questions? And what's the point of this story? Find out three of these questions during the final chapter of jack and armadatraz.   
    “So there we were, sailing through the skyways of Valencia, no armada had stopped us and we were nearing the skull rock stronghold. We would be there in a week at the pace we were at, we could have been there faster but we didn't want to go fast to arouse suspicion. So we went at a slow speed, Little did we know we had a stowaway.”
    “YOU CHEATING PIRATE SCUM! You weren't supposed to escape but rot in prison. If the dogs hadn't shown up to take the skyway you would have never escaped! Fight me one on one, may the smallest opponent win!”
    “You're smaller than me though, shouldn't it be the best captain win?”
    “No, because i’m not allowing you to win!”
    “So let me get this straight, you're not going to allow me to win so you can get your revenge for beating you?”
    “Well.. thats dumb. Like really dumb. Your dumb you know that right.”
    “I just did so I guess I can dare.”
    “I hate you.”
    “I hate you to. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”
    “My name is count brastillo de brass, you killed my honor. Prepare to die!
    “Dying isn't exactly a part of my schedule. I can fit you in...never.”
    “Fight me you chicken!”
    “King of chickens, there's a difference.”
    “Okay i'll fight you. Geeze. You sure are stubborn.”
    “Okay kids, so me and the brass monkey were about to fight. We went to the dueling circle on the pvp floor-”
    “They have a dueling circle and a pvp floor!? How many floors were there?”
    “About a hundred, It was a massive ship, floors for dueling and training, floors for learning moves, libraries, armories, storage, prison floors, cafeteria and kitchen floors, floors with factories, floors for research, and floors for basically everything. The ship you see now has been converted to make the ultimate flagship for the gold chicken empire. The factories make weapons, modes of transport, basically an endless supply of gear. The pvp floors converted to training grounds for soldiers, the rest stayed the same but a few useless floors like armada holding floors were converted to bunks for soldiers.”
    “So you have a huge ultra powerful ship, with more cannons than any other, five super cannons able to decimate islands and make giant holes through a blockade, super strong armor, super fast, a limitless supply of ammo, not to mention able to hold a ton of troops, and yet you use it to travel to worlds and tell stories to kids? Why don't you invade man!”
    “Well kid, I’m still building up the navy. Also i’m growing the army.”
    “An army of gold chickens?”
    “Yes and eagles.”
    “You couldn't beat anyone no matter how hard you try!”
    “And back to our story!”
    “You bald cowardly pirate, prepare to die!”
    “Not likely.”
    “All right, the rules of the duel be first one struck loses, the winner does what he wants with the loser and their party. Understood?”
    “Yes ratbeard. Now lets fight!”
    “Aye you cheating pirate. Let's do this fair and square!”
    Jack and the count fought fiercely. But brass monkey that funky monkey was unable to land a hit. Jack was levels above him, and dodged every one of the brass monkeys attack. This gave Jack an opening and he struck the brass monkey down.
    “AHA! I win once again! Go Jack, it’s your birthday!”
    “Hmph. Very well what shall you do with me pirate.”
    “Ummmm. I know, I will-”
    We are having technical difficulties, please enjoy this while you wait.”
    “Brad, can we talk?” “Sure Jessica, what about?” “I want a family. So either we start one or we are through. What will it be Brad?” “Jessica. My answer is-”
    We are back. We now continue to our regularly scheduled program already in progress…
    “Well I’m glad that's taken care of. Off to the skull rock stronghold!”
    “Aye Aye captain! Might I suggest sticking to the windlanes until we reach the turn?”
    “Very good gaspard, into the windlane, and in there FULL SPEED AHEAD!”
    “With that we got to the turn in an hour and we got to our hideout within thirty minutes. We had reached our destination without ratbeard blowing up the ship!”
    “Is it the end?”
    “Yes I know, its sad its over. But fear not there are more stories to tell!”
    “Huh, well at least we came out alive, right crew? Crew?”
    “And my crew fell asleep. The napping, the napping.”


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