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Sunday, June 12, 2016

crafty pirates will always think of new recipes for yum

Crafting in pirate101

I've been meaning to do this post for a long time so here it is.

Crafting in pirate101 ideas and thoughts:
Thought 1: pirate101 would benefit from crafting and help improve gameplay on land and in sky.

Idea for thought 1: imagine being able to craft ship gear, ships, and gear for your pirate. This would help increase the diversity of the game. New powerful crafted ships that look awesome in their specially crafted gear for that ship. Pirates in powerful crafted gear with weapons crafted by the pirate for the pirate. It would bring out the diversity in a game which it deserves. To see giant warships made of steel with rows of cannons powered not by sail but by engine like in cool ranch. To see a pirate walk by in gold aquilan armor with a silver or black cape with a sword whose handle is made from the blood vines in diablo cut. This is the type of pirate101 I want to see.

Thought 2: crafting housing and houses. Pirate 101 needs more houses, also more housing items. And crafting would help.

Idea for thought 2: Imagine having houses that are made of gold and jewels, houses that are actual forts, even crafting a armda fortress house! Also imagine in that house you crafted broken armada and placed them everywhere, then you place companions you don't use to make it like you took the fortress and claimed it for yourself! It would open a world of possibilities and would pave the  way for housing tours!

Thought 3: crafting items for a specific class. We lack class only items that mean things. Crafting can solve it.

Idea for thought 3: imagine having a ship for your class only, with gear for your class only. A mb ship like no other for privy's, a heavily armed ship for musketeers, a fast and small valencia skiff for bucklers, a living ship made out of fog for witchdoctors and an iron fortress with heavy guns and a thick hull for bucks. These ships would be painted in your class colors to show you truely are the raiding buccaneer you say you are. Or even class only gear that represents your class at all levels.

Thought 4:  crafting doubloons and even attacks.

Idea for thought 4: what if we run out of a specific doubloon and need more? Well it would help if we could craft them. No more needing to farm for them and get doubloons you don't want, craft them and  you won't worry about getting a useless doubloon. As for attacks, what if we could craft attacks that have a new look to a weapons attack. Melee attackers pull out guns and blast away, ranged pull out a knife and go and attack someone far away. It would change pirate101 combat for the better!

Final thought: is crafting worth it?

Idea for final thought: Simply yes. Crafting could do great things for pirate101 and get more money in. It would lead to housing tours, badges, ship PvP, even fishing! Crafting in pirate101 would be one of the best things to happen to it!

- Jack Nightingale lvl 70 buccaneer

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