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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thank you Pirate101!

In the pirate101 may newsletter this blog was mentioned for the guide to a good ship post! Hopefully that means Pirate101 Valencia part 2 is going live sooner than we think and they want us to have a good ship! I'm going to list my favorite things about pirate101!
1 the great community. Pirate101 has a great mostly non toxic community. There are allot of nice people always willing to help out. Something that's not in alloy of games.
2 you can really get into the story line. This story unlike wiz is more focused around you which made me really get into it. Although wiz was good i didn't feel like the fate of the spiral was in my hands.
3 Jokes! Pirate101 has tons of jokes and puns that I love! Pirate101 has always made me laugh. I would love to meet the team that makes the jokes some day.
4 easter eggs. Easter eggs are subtle mentions towards things, like Tradewinds skyway and the Tradewinds on earth.
5 it never ends! The game is a never ending game. I love those types!
6 developer interactions. Unlike allot of other games the people at ki talk to their players. Way to go!
7 Tons of potential. These games have tons of potential for the players to make art and other things like that. Say this blog for example. I have tons of things to work on.
8 you can customize your ship. Unlike allot of other games you can customize your ship (and with different colors too.)
9 you can be serious about the game or not serious. In this game you are allowed to be a serious gamer or a casual gamer. This is great because I myself  am not a serious player. This is a big reason I love pirate101
10 last but not least... the large amount of work put into the game! So much work was put in and it was very well  done. I love the game and I always will! Thank you pirate101 for all the fun times!


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