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Sunday, May 1, 2016

back to malistaire!

sorry I haven't been posting a bit busy. lets start!
lets start the fire! there was a fight before this but i didn't get the picture 
made it past the bad guys round one to me!

ugh more of them. made a friend though!

skipping ahead. i spy with my little eye a crazy person

the doors open for me. i must be special

what a lovely claw
waffles bringing it on!

and ends with the fiery stare

another one bites the ash
getting warmer!

okay so who would break such lovely glass. monsters!

i see you cyrus!

more minions D:

waffles took care of them!

lets get this party started!

4v2 seems unfair...for them!

and artorious killed mali and waffles killed the rest! man i am good
so that was Malistaire. hope you enjoyed!

-jack currently killing ghosts

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