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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

thoughts on book 15 pirate101

I already did something like this but since test is close I'm going over my final thoughts on it. 7 areas 1 Kane and his elites. 2 the hints 3 what may happen 4 what won't happen 5 what's happened so far 6 the overall look 7 the future for our pirate.

 Let's start off with the big part of the story so far, Kane and his elites. Split up into 6 sections (including the ones dead)

1 my favorite, phule.

 Phule has many times been said a mystery. It's not clear who he is exactly loyal to. He seems to like the idea of his fellow elites suffering defeat at the hand of our pirate yet still tries to stop you. To be clear we have never fought him and I think we may never fight him.We most likely will but still he isn't exactly a fighter, phule (although unlikely) could be willing to help us, he doesn't seem to care about the outcome and it could be phule just let's us go to kane, this could bring potential for him to be a new major enemy. Phule is crafty, and has lots of potential for a major player. I'm guessing kane and bishop (the other 2 remaining elites) don't exactly have full trust in phule. That also has potential for a major twist. Kane and bishop could do something to phule, with only kane bishop and phule left tensions are most likely high between the court, tension soon to snap.

 Overall phule has the most potential out of all the elites combined.  You might ask, even more than the queen? Yes and I'll explain next...

2 the Queen (name unknown)

 Although we don't know much about her we already have a start of an idea, we see her with a sword by kane, which means she's probably an enemy. She moat likely deals with public relations. Meanwhile kane would be working on the Grand design. She seems to be pro armada. Although as some fellow old wiz players remember. In one of the old versions of DS Malistaire he came with if I remember correctly around 100000 health with his love acting at first as if she were going to help him but ended up helping us. ( no hit all spells though!) This could be a similar case where she acts like she is going to help kane but helps us. Although she has potential phule is just a bigger mystery, and the less we know, the more there is for ki to tell.

 Overall we are going to meet her this update and something will happen. But who knows?

3 Bishop

 Bishop is the evil scientist of the clockworks. If you look in his puppet show you see there are clockworks yet to be completely built. Which means he could be the one designing the new clockworks. He also does other small things like try to crank the code on the birds and make those little machines. But there are a few big things. First off he designed beachhead, which means he could have designed the Grand design. That could mean he is a key player in us destroying it. Second, he seems to also be a strategist. He (from what it looks like) came up with the endgame plan for Marleybone. Rooke was just his pawn in his plans for Marleybones defeat. Bishop has been proven to be resourceful and that would certainly be an good factor to see in the final fight with him.

 Overall on bishop. We have seen allot about him. But I can't help but wonder what we haven't seen. Only time will tell

4 rooke (my second favorite)

 Rooke is deaf so I'll be brief.

 He did play a major roll. The final ending to Marleybone. But however we killed him and blind mew has stated the dead elites probably won't be coming back. But let's look at if we somehow encountered a rooke 2.0 this new rooke would obviously be built to stop us. It wouldn't be made public (due to we can't find out about it and it would be embarrassing to kane for it to come out he built another elite just to stop one person) most likely this won't happen, I would expect if it did rooke 2.0 would be much the same but beefed up to the new level requirements.

Overall, rooke is gone, I wouldn't expect much from him.

5 deacon (Also dead)

Going to be brief again

Basically same deal with rooke, it's unlikely he will ever come back, and if he does, beefed up to the new lvl requirements. But let's get into if they both come back. We can expect a fight from both of them at the same time. We would meet them in the Grand design and fight them.

Overall, not going to see deacon again most likely.

6 Kane

Being the king of clockworks, King of the valencia army and navy he basically rules valencia. He has a few map pieces we need and will expect us to come to him, which we will. Not much to be said about him really, we know his role what he does and doesn't do. All we need to know is his weakness. It's said he is smarter, faster, and stronger than any living being. But let's look at it a different way. What if it refers to the other elites in some way to. His weakness could be we have to kill the other elites so he can die. Not likely but possible... I expect the fight to end all fights rather grand. A big room with lots of gears, like the center of the Grand design  (sort of like beachhead but has a bit more put into it. We saw some of the room but not all. The windstone I'll get onto later...

Overall on kane. He's the Malistaire of pirate101 so expect something big.

2 the hints

Several hints were given out some I haven't seen (some older ones) but from what I can tell valencia part 2 is going to be big. Not cool ranch big but somewhere around there. We are going to meet the resistance, fight tons of clockworks  (and other enemies) and get allot of questions answered. I'm not going to go over the hints however but go over what I would like to see out of them. First what I would like to see out of them all. I'd like to see allot be put into a small space. Nothing as big as cool ranch where there are tons of areas over a large space more like 2 or 3 skyways with a ton of content.
I want to see lots of side quests that get into the story where the main line quests dont. Like in valencia part 1 with the pillars representing major spiral powers. I want more stuff like that. Even side quest dungeons. That would be kind of like darkmoor on wiz. I would also like us to go deeper into the places we have seen.  Not just a get in get out situation. And finally for overall hints. Make it worth the wait. For the hints individually we have seen allot of places, so hopefully there will be lots of content. We have seen allot, but we haven't seen it all. We haven't seen the story that goes with and leads up to each hint, we haven't seen what we will do at those places and we haven't really seen the true depth of it all yet. But soon hopefully...

Overall we can only hope for the best. No doubt we won't be disappointed.

3 what may happen

There is allot that may happen. And allot that may not, but here is what may happen

1 we beat kane and his elites for good. We may not beat all since they need a backup villain but we probably will. But that leaves the rest of the armada. Armada warlords perhaps?

2 we destroy the Grand design. It's probably going to happen but how, we don't know. See bishop on my thoughts on that

3 we gain spiral recognition. Sort of like our wizard but even grander scale since the armada is very widely known (unlike Malistaire) in the spiral. We may just be knighted from the king. Sir Jack Nightingale, Knight of the golden chicken has a good ring to it don't you think?

4 what won't happen.

1 we won't go to El Dorado just yet, getting there but not quite.

2 meet our parents. They are at El Dorado according to them in the gortez dungeon in the Isle of doom. But when we do I expect some answers to some questions on what is so dangerous about El Dorado.

3 pirate101 will end. All we have to do is show them we want this and it will continue. So be strong.

5 what's happened so far.

Allot has happened, we are currently ahead in the map race, have the means to translate it, might have the windstone to the stormgate and have made a mess of kanes army. But keep in mind there are still allot of clockworks, and still more elites. We have only but scratched the surface of all this. Now it's time to make a big dent (in the side of kanes head)

6 Overall  look (you may notice I'm making this shorter as we go. It's on purpose nothing wrong on your end)

Overall this update will be epic. I expect good things and lots of things to do. Although we may just be finishing our first arc we got allot ahead of us still.

7 the future of our pirate

I would say our future looks good. New update, end to the first arc kane (hopefully) gone and allot of things answered. We have a bright future ahead of us, let's sail towards it.

-jack currently gearing up for valencia conquest

Friday, May 13, 2016

Jacks guide to excellence

You want to be an excellent pirate? Well you have come to the right place! I'll share my secrets of excellence.
1 one does not simply walk into an enemy stronghold alone. YOU SHALL NOT PASS, when you are doing a dungeon bring friends. It will be easier plus more gold! If you don't it will be harder, and you might as well be stuck in a giant spider web.

2 the strength is strong with this one... incase you didn't know your base stat (buccaneer=strength swashbuckler/musketeer=agility witchdoctor/privateer=will) increases your damage/ critical chance. May the swartz be with you!

3 sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes you just can never give up. Eventually you will get that axe or jacket!

4 The halp. When your off adventuring help others. It may just pay off

5 You got to work for it. Never give up! If you want it you got to work for it. Don't beg

6 I'm sick of this post already so fun fact. i like pasta.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thank you Pirate101!

In the pirate101 may newsletter this blog was mentioned for the guide to a good ship post! Hopefully that means Pirate101 Valencia part 2 is going live sooner than we think and they want us to have a good ship! I'm going to list my favorite things about pirate101!
1 the great community. Pirate101 has a great mostly non toxic community. There are allot of nice people always willing to help out. Something that's not in alloy of games.
2 you can really get into the story line. This story unlike wiz is more focused around you which made me really get into it. Although wiz was good i didn't feel like the fate of the spiral was in my hands.
3 Jokes! Pirate101 has tons of jokes and puns that I love! Pirate101 has always made me laugh. I would love to meet the team that makes the jokes some day.
4 easter eggs. Easter eggs are subtle mentions towards things, like Tradewinds skyway and the Tradewinds on earth.
5 it never ends! The game is a never ending game. I love those types!
6 developer interactions. Unlike allot of other games the people at ki talk to their players. Way to go!
7 Tons of potential. These games have tons of potential for the players to make art and other things like that. Say this blog for example. I have tons of things to work on.
8 you can customize your ship. Unlike allot of other games you can customize your ship (and with different colors too.)
9 you can be serious about the game or not serious. In this game you are allowed to be a serious gamer or a casual gamer. This is great because I myself  am not a serious player. This is a big reason I love pirate101
10 last but not least... the large amount of work put into the game! So much work was put in and it was very well  done. I love the game and I always will! Thank you pirate101 for all the fun times!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

back to malistaire!

sorry I haven't been posting a bit busy. lets start!
lets start the fire! there was a fight before this but i didn't get the picture 
made it past the bad guys round one to me!

ugh more of them. made a friend though!

skipping ahead. i spy with my little eye a crazy person

the doors open for me. i must be special

what a lovely claw
waffles bringing it on!

and ends with the fiery stare

another one bites the ash
getting warmer!

okay so who would break such lovely glass. monsters!

i see you cyrus!

more minions D:

waffles took care of them!

lets get this party started!

4v2 seems unfair...for them!

and artorious killed mali and waffles killed the rest! man i am good
so that was Malistaire. hope you enjoyed!

-jack currently killing ghosts