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Sunday, April 10, 2016

wizard101 true story time

this is a story of how i first defeated Malistaire. It was the old days, when you had too do the 2 drake fights really quick in order for the door to open. so it was me and a friend, her lvl 50. me around lvl 35. I don't know why she asked for my help but she did. she asked right before when you go through the doors to get to the 2 drakes. so there we were. me, her and 2 crown henchmen. we fought hard and valiantly. i barely got a hit in while on the other side she wrecked and came over to mine. I was lucky to survive that day. after we beat the draconian monsters we went through the door. then i saw him. i was in awe. not that the fact that Malistaire was there but the fact that i realized i only was invited because she had no one else on. then we had to beat those ghost mobs that i don't care about. all i really need is a big fan to move them. then came the cut scene. i was getting really nervous, in my head i was saying "I'm still in krok (how i got to that lvl and still in krok was because i was scared to fight krokopatra. so i ended up helping people with higher lvl places and got over lvl 30 while in krok. sad but true. i ended up going in because i didn't care anymore and soloing the place and destroying everyone. )

so we start the mali fight it starts out good, i try and support because that's all i can do and my friend saves pips for attacks and the henchman attack and tank. then disaster struck. the storm henchman died! i was regretting my choice to come. then thankfully she bought another. storm henchman for round 2! things went better from then. and lets just say i got to kill mali with my space meatball. might have been phoenix but who knows, it was years ago. all i know is that i did something noteworthy for once in my life! go me!

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