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Friday, April 22, 2016


Pirate101 fans! during the KI LIVE we saw some Valencia part 2 secrets! although its not quite done yet (it will be released in the summer they said) we saw that YES new story content is coming. so lets start an overview and some theories.
1 we meet the toymaker. yes at the end the toymaker is mentioned but that doesn't mean we meet him. but most likely we do.
2 we join the resistance. we did hear of a resistance in Valencia part 1 and we may just get to meet up with the rest of them.
3 we get an armada ship. on the message boards blind mew said he would think about getting us an armada ship to sneak in. although on the stream tom had an Aquilan ship doesn't mean we don't get a armada ship.
4 we meet the queen. in Aquila a quest said we had to gain favor of some lady. who knows this lady might be the queen of armada
5 we fight bishop and/or phule. we haven't fought phule yet, and we know bishop isn't dead. so who knows, we may fight one or both of them. three strikes your out bishop?
6 rooke or deacon might come back? Highly unlikely but still who knows...
7 we meet the king. although this is not the main skyway keep in mind its no backwater like valencia1. the king might just be making a royal visit
8 NEW ARMADA MODELS (credit to Logan who is a die hard pirate fan who never gave up.) we saw some new ones in marleybone, so its likely we will see some newer ones here to. it isn't a backwater, we got in once, and after all, its where the person who made the clockworks lives. also if you look around on the site, you may find one unreleased already...
9 we get another windstone. we saw a few stormgates in the new Valencia skyway, new windstone perhaps?
10 more than one skyway? its possible that there will be more than one Valencia skyway. if not maybe another world. who knows?

 Valencia part 2 is confirmed. we have allot to look forward too and new hope that pirate is not dead. However I do suggest buying lots of crowns/membership for pirate101 too let them know we are interested in pirate101 (credit goes to @Swordroll for bringing this up) But after 3 long years finally pirate101 will be getting the story she deserves.

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