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Thursday, April 14, 2016

the vacant zone

There is a place beyond which is known to normal people. It is Vast and empty, devoid of all intelligence, it is the middle between insane and very insane it lies at the bottom of your shoe or could end up in your hair, this is the place of which no one wants. this is the mind of a golden chicken.

We enter the room. A dark room. A scary room. So I turned on the light. And this is what you find
now we journey into the mind. the mind that is not there
devoid of all thought. it is blank if you put knowledge in it, it goes away. we have entered the beginning.
we now enter the middle. we have hit a area. a area with things. different things.  things like bricks. lots and lots of bricks.
We have breached the wall. A white wall. The wall had a vine. And we broke the vine. We also broke the wall. and beyond the wall was this...
Even in the mind of a creature that doesn't seem to have one there can be a treasure, it may be small or vast but worth finding. As we leave the zone you will think, and that thinking will be deep, if not then start too. now we leave The Vacant Zone

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