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Monday, April 25, 2016

the spiral and us pirate101 edition

Lets look at the pirate101 spiral universe and us. First lets look at the story
We start out captured by the armada. that's where the main line for Arc 1 begins. we become pirates and grow our crew and fight the armada and other bad guys while we try to find marco polo's map pieces before the armada does. So now you sort of know what the story is about so far lets begin.

1 Skull Island
Its where we begin, build our crew, get a ship and begin to learn about the map. but of course there are problems
1 cutthroats. a gang of shark pirates that are a big enemy for you
2 warf rats. a group of rats who are also a big enemy
3 monkeys. you have to fight monquista soldiers. they aren't to happy with you
4 lots of ships and monsters, you get attacked allot and stopped allot in the skyway
5 undead problem... what can i say, skull island skyway is full of undead
overall skull island isn't doomed, just allot against us. but we still help out with some side quests and things like that

2 Monquista home of the monkeys and our second world. We have some problems here though...
1 we start out wanted. Being a criminal doesn't exactly help us
2 we have to start a revolutionary war. No easy task. But we manage
3 the monqusition always after us. We are certainly no friend of theirs
4 we have to fight another revolution to. I guess gortez wants his Rev to be the only one
5 lots of sailing. although the world isn't that big we had slow ships and it took awhile.
overall, the world isn't in danger we just needed to help to get skull island recognized as its own place

3 Valencia. now we start on our journey for the map. we go into our enemies home world, our stop to get pollo map piece. problems
1 too many armada! way to many, but then again it is Valencia
well actually that's it...
overview. we only got a small taste of Valencia but we can already tell something big is going on. and we have to stop it

4 Cool Ranch. the longest world in game. we get another map piece here and do allot of other stuff
1 Lots of things to do, you have to help bison, settlers, and everybody basically, it goes from one thing to another
2 undead problem... mainly in haunted skyway there are undead. it seems most all the spiral has them
3 so many outlaws and monsters. there are tons of bad guys and you will run into them allot
4 you sail allot. although they added a quick travel type thing you still have lots of sailing too do
5 lots of collect quests. there are tons, not to bad but still
overall. long but we do get a map piece. and there is some good gear, and a good surprise at the end ;)

5 Mooshu we do so much, we battle stormzilla in a giant robot, destroy a warlord empire, beat up ninja pigs, and so on and so on. but we have some problems here
1 pigs. there are so many pigs. so many...
2 tso. he has created a large empire that we have to stop, and its no easy task but we do it
3 collect quests, there a few collect quests that are super bad. like this one you could get all the pig badges trying to get this key. or until they changed it.
overall we just face allot of people who want to take over mooshu. there is more but i don't want to ruin it

6 Marleybone here we see the war we started, we fight in it to free catbeard and we save Marleybone. well done us. problems
1 lots of criminal activity. Like in wiz we clean up some crime, but this time its mostly optional
2 we get stuck with all the suicide missions. rooke, beachhead, isle of fetch.
3 you will see at the end of marleybone...
overall we help a war they didn't know we started to save catbeard. but i guess we made up for it

7 Aquila we get our latest map piece. we are in yet another war, we fight the minotaur's sons, medusa, hydra ect. and we get Mr. did you know my father is Zeus? we have some problems here though
1 we do allot of running back and forth. not to bad but on some quests yes it is
2 lots of dungeons/mini dungeons. well it is Aquila but still...
3 lots of monsters. sure its greek myths so i guess its acceptable
overall Aquila was great, we got a map piece and a golden chicken!

We are going to continue the story soon, and then ill update this! hopefully we can add some more too Valencia

-jack. currently battling bone drakes

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