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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


time for a pop quiz!


1 upon seeing stolen treasure do you
a) keep it for yourself and spend it on yum
b) leave it alone
c) leave it and tell others about it
d) take it and give it to charity

2 when your friends ask for help do you
a) tell them you are busy when you actually aren't
b) wait a bit to finish what your doing even if it isn't that important then help
c) go help and then leave them right as you finish helping them
d) go help straight away and then stick around awhile incase they need more help

3 when your friend needs another ship do you
a) tell them you don't help with ship fights
b) tell them they will have to go to the area and then they will have to help with their ship
c) wait for them to go on their ship and then let them sit on your ship while you fight
d) go there for them and let them sit on your ship while you fight

4 there are citizens who are in trouble do you
a) not help out if the rewards aren't worth it
b) get back to it after you finish the game
c) do it but after you've finished the world
d) do the quest straight away even if it isn't worth it

5 you find something in the bazaar that your friend needs but if you buy it you will be out of gold do you
a) leave it and don't tell him because they will find it eventually
b) leave it and tell them to come quick or a friend to come buy it for them
c) buy it but tell them you owe them a favor
d) buy it and tell them they don't need to repay you in any way

time to see if your naughty or nice!
a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4 points
1-5 dark chocolate beard! your a pirate that thinks for yourself. you look out for number one. you would be very rich and able to retire from piracy early
6-10 chocolate beard! you do the right thing, sort of. you have good intentions but it could be seen as more bad than good
11-15 milk chocolate beard! you do the right thing but with a small hint of bad. what you do has a chance to end bad but will start out good.
16-20 white chocolate beard! your the good pirate, you do what's right and if it turns out bad you would try and fix it. however it would take a bit longer for people to trust you than a milk chocolate beard because they have some bad which people always see in pirates

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