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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

pirate101, guide to getting a good ship

Pirate101, what makes it so different from other ship games you get to customize your ship with different looks and you get to choose which look to keep. (plus there are tons of different types of ships) I will be going over the main ship you want (there is one better but its currently unavailable) I will be going the ship you want (its from the empire bundle) so first I'm going to list what you want to get. with pictures. sticking to the top level stuff

1 keep the figurehead from the bundle. I myself prefer the fire over the lightning clouds. it has a better chance of doing damage

2 yes its not from the bundle but it is a bit better as you can see.

3 although its debatable if the crown shop sails are better i would say this one is. i don't really use boost that much. so i would say this is a bit better.

4 the wheel its exactly the same as the crown shop one and its not that hard to find.

5 RELEASE THE KRAKEN! this can be bought in the crown shop at any lvl and is exactly the same I just stick to this one because I got it before I saw the crown shop version

6 the cannons. Yes they are from the hoodoo bundle but they are the best cannons available. not by much but still good.

7 the armor very important. keep the bundle armor its the best your going to get.

8 the anchor. how can you dock in the skyway without it? I would use this one. Its the same as the crown shop anchor.

here is what it should look like

and as for the stats...

overall its pretty good. could be changed around and still be pretty good but ill leave that to you. after all you have to have a strong ship to brave the skyways of dragonspyre...

-jack currently sailing around the basilica, funny i can see people running around. well dragonspyre is nice this time of year...

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