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Sunday, April 10, 2016

meet the team!

time to get into my crazy naming of spells for my pyromancer Jack Skullbreeze! Remember how i said after waffles (the dragon) every attack spell was named after breakfast food, time to meet them, and a few other spells who unfortunately have been named.  some obvious, others not so much. time to meet the team!

meet cal. (short for calamari) she is the hitter for my storm team, although stormzilla is in the storm deck cal is my go to. and that's why she has been honored a name while she isn't fire.

meet eggs. eggs is named after all the round pieces of ash it shoots out. not necessarily egg shaped but what can i do?

ALL HAIL THE EXTRA SPICY SPACE MEATBALL! extra spicy space meatball (essm) came before waffles. but i suppose you can eat meatballs for breakfast. but i don't think i would like my meatballs on fire. too crispy.

TOAST! BEHOLD, TOAST, destroyer of worlds, slayer of powerful foes, it seems nothing can stop toast in his tracks. all must fear toast the mighty!

this is frank, but don't worry he is nice. mostly... franks last name is furter. he co owns a shop that sells salchichas. Franks Salchichas. ah the puns...

well that's the current team, next spell, who knows the name?

-jack currently training bone drakes

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