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Friday, April 8, 2016

jack and armadatraz III

Jack and Armadatraz III Running Out of Time

“I Ratbeard would like to withdraw my statement about the previous cliffhanger being bad.”

“Would you now? Let the story continue!”

So there i was, taken back to my cell. Me, Kobe, Bonnie, Ratbeard, Hawkules, Toro, Pete, Gracie, Old Scratch and Catbeard all stuffed into one cell, that was the brass monkeys mistake.

“How was it a mistake! He nearly KILLED us by doing that!"

"BE QUIET! I'm getting to that, don't ruin it."

We were stuck, given a life sentence with no way out. however this cell was very old. deep in the basements of the fort, broken stones, split wooden beams and all sorts of hazards. It was like there was no escape. Also the wooden ceiling was rotting, although it wouldn't collapse soon it certainly was going to end our vacation quicker than we thought.

 "You call that a explanation!? Hawkules tells better stories than you! Arr if only i could tell it..."

 "You would add a explosion every line. what is it with you and blowing stuff up? I mean, i mean when the cookie jar is on the fridge do you just blow up the fridge!?"


 "Stop fighting you two! Ratbeard be quiet and captain, ignore everything  everybody says"

 "Well bonnie, should i ignore that and argue or get on with the story?"


 "Back to the story!"

 The guard who was watching us, a armada marine wouldn't listen too us while we tried to tell him about the roof.

 "You need to move us, we are going too get crushed if you don't!"

 "Do you have no honor? Putting prisoners of war in conditions like these!"

 "Be quiet! You will be sent to cadiz before that roof falls. For the glory of Kane!"

 "Did you know my father is Zeus? I can put in a good word for you if you let us go."


 "Finally, an armada i can agree with."


 "Screaming, reminds me of when we rescued ratbeard from the watermoles eh bonnie?"

 "Aye! His screams sounded exactly like a 6 year old girl!"

 "They did not! They were very manly screams..."

 "Well, we may have exaggerated a little. More like a 6 year old boy who just watched a scary movie."

 "You do realize that still sounds high pitched"

 "YES I DO! now i believe i am out of time..."

 "WHAT! All you did was make fun of me! And you better not end on a bad not about me..."

 "I wont, pirates promise."


*cough cough* ratbeard is jealous of catbeard * cough cough*


 "Night Everyone!"

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