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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

b for bizarre

it is the future. exactly 50 minutes in. there has been a random chicken takeover on a unpopulated island. success if there ever was one. however there is a person who is attacking the takeover, in some weird mask. some boy fox mask or something... anyways as of now i am searching for chickens to stop this guy who calls himself B. LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

6:00pm no signs of chickens. but news on the supposed uprising, part of the world is fighting a civil war, the other has a serious virus spreading through it. i guess "B" is going to blow something up and needs a source of explosives. which this island has.

6:25pm alas the chickens are still none. I hear this guys home was raided, a associate of "B" was captured. but in the end it was "B" man he sounds crazy. but question is, is he chicken crazy?

6:30 a chicken!
i dub the sgt pepper. now go serve the chicken empire with your band of lonely hearts.

6:50 no chickens. B has brought people to the island to overthrow our government. i mean who does that? its chickens ruling a island of no strategic or cash value! those masks though...

7:00 i must be off. B has won in blowing up whatever. our government that ruled nothing has been overthrown and my spaghetti is getting cold. i go out in style

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