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Monday, April 4, 2016

back at it again with those zombie chickens

sorry for the delay, the area of delay was really busy. so ill make this good! prepare for WWZC

so you find yourself awakening from a chemical explosion on your floating island, due to the wreckage and lack of people this wont turn out good, be prepared.

as you escape be carful, you never know what your going to find or get with golden chickens

red eyed zombie chickens. since they aren't made of meat they rust, but they still want flesh. luckily for you zombie chickens have a IQ of about 1. regular gold chickens have a IQ of 2. very easy 1v1

However low their IQ is i still don't recommend fighting them when you don't have too. let him watch his clock while i find supplies

it seems this place was already raided by survivors. question is, did those chickens escape without you? oh well going to get some of those spears

off to the sewer! safest place to be, golden chickens are scared of sewer.

time to find a place to hide, not sure how the water will taste though.

looks like this place has been taken. looks like i have to find another spot

i see two ways out, time to pick like my life depends on it. any many miny moe pick a chicken by the toe...

a survivor! I'm going to save him!

oops to late

GUNS! this will help, only going too take one though. can't carry them all. stock up on weapons if you can.

well this new house is a bust. now that both houses have zombie chickens in them i will have to try to fight my way past.

it appears i missed. time too run for my life!

this place seems to be deserted better run while it still is.

more food, take as much food as you can for the zombie chicken apocalypse. these things although never last seem like they take a long time.

time for more weapons! i would try and secure a gun and sword.

its a zombie chicken horde. just run away, no use fighting them all

fresh water. i think...

hmmm. surrounded, lets see how we can beat this.


nope, not going to be cornered

hiding in places you blend in is good. those rusted eyes don't help them see.

look for people with weapons. golden chicken zombies cant hold them

be carful as time goes by. the rust on there eyes go away after awhile.

more guards. better run while they hold them off

time to run! thank you all for attending the zombie chicken apocalypse training session, bazaar hunters will return shortly.

-Jack currently fighting skeletal drakes

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