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Thursday, April 21, 2016

an overlook of us and the spiral. wiz edition

Today we look at the world's of the spiral and us. So do you agree with me?

1 Wizard City. The world our wizard starts at. Let's see the problems.
1 undead everywhere
2 gobblers eating everything
3 giants attacking
4 fire elfs take over
Overall WC was doomed until we came

2 Krokotopia our second world. We come in search of big bad Mali but instead we save the manders (YAY!!!) Problems
1 undead
2 kroks waking up and taking over again
3 monsters are attacking the dogs which you have to help in order too get to the order of the fang which will help you get the krokonomicon
Overall manders and dogs doomed until we save them

3 Marleybone crime is all over and Mali is going to get the krokonomicon. Problems.
1 crime everywhere no one is safe
2 clockwork attacking
3 monsters disrupting everyday life
4 lower class rioting and no one is safe from them
5 not enough police too handle everything
6 still undead
Overall MB was doomed until we came

4 Mooshu World Before dragonspyre Emperor is sick and warlords are trying to take over Mooshu, let's look at the problems
1 Emperor is sick and can't help
2 thugs are everywhere
3 warlords taking over Mooshu
4 oni are messing up Mooshu
5 monsters are coming and fighting everyone.
6 ninja pigs
Overall Mooshu would be ruled by evil instead of good if it wasn't for us

5 Dragonspyre we fight Mali for the first time, the dragon Titan was summoned and destroyed DS now for the problems
1 The world was completely destroyed
2 undead and monsters everywhere
3 we had to do allot just to get to Mali
4 dragon Titan forces everywhere
5 both DS forces and Dragon Titan forces try to kill us
Overall we killed Mali but didn't really save Dragonspyre.

6 Celestia spiral geographic society gets stranded and we have to save them. what fun. here are a few problems
1 undead are everywhere and they aren't to happy with you
2 monsters have taken over like eels and robot fish
3 there is a war in the crab empire. and guess who has to fix it?
4 morganthe showing some power and we have to stop her
5 we have too help the dogs trapped on land and fix all the watermoles problems
overall the expedition was doomed, so we fixed it

7 Zafaria students missing professor missing prince missing. what fun... so here are the problems
1 we have to restore order to the entire world
2 the bad guys never carry what we need
3 so much stuff has begun that we have allot in our way from getting everyone back
4 morganthe isn't exactly helping us
5 the world is at war and we alone have to stop it
overall, zafaria is sort of doomed but not really, we fix it though

8 Avalon the king is missing and an army is tearing through Avalon destroying everyone who stands in its way. and its up to us to stop whoever is leading them. problems!
1 we start with basically nothing. so we have a hard time from the start
2 there are multiple people we have to defeat like red thorn knights as well as the Pendragon forces
3 monsters are running through Avalon and making it hard for anyone to do anything
4 basically again there is a war.
overall without us helping the resistance and defeating the Pendragon Avalon would be lost to evil.

9 Azteca morganthe is almost done with the prophecy, a comet is going to hit Azteca, undead and corrupt leaders everywhere. Oh what fun. onto the problems
1 the comet is going to hit the world.
2 so many undead its not even funny
3 corrupt leaders are working for morganthe or just want us to go away
4 pretty much everything wants to kill you.
overall Azteca is doomed and this time we can't save the world.

10 Khrysalis I'm not there yet but i have seen some stuff on it. from what i know we stop morganthe there and we have to help the mice warriors. so ill go with what i know, ah problems all over the spiral
1 center of morganthes power so of course we will have lots of trouble
2 we get pulled into the mice war against bugs. oh my what fun
3 shadow magic is big here, lots of reasons to be scared
4 morganthe has the odds in her favor
overall we save the spiral and create a new problem, so best 3 out of 4?

11 Polaris so what I make of it we have to help bartleby because he got sick so we go to Polaris to find baba yaga and we help the penguin revolution and find the rat. We also learn a new spell so yay!
1 baba yaga is reclusive and we have to find her
2 we have to help the penguins in their revolution
3 the rat is good at what he does
4 lots of bugs in Polaris
5 grandmother raven starts to distrust us
6 we still don't have the full trust of the new trainers
Overall allot at once yet we still manage to pull through. Now the fun begins


  1. Thanks!It seems our wizard always gets the big jobs. Meanwhile our pirate is on his/her personal vendetta