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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a quick look at pets in pirate101

The world of pets in pirate101 is ever expanding. Ever since the May 2014 update pets have been more valuable to your pirate more than ever. A big thing that people are excited about is the grants. For example swashbucklers like to go for turn the tide/blade storm/ relentless. buccaneers go for elusive/ turn the tide/ relentless. Although its not just powers, its things like heal grants dodge grants and attack grants like back stab and jobu's kiss. But its not just grants there are other things like your pet can charm the enemy. Not always useful but can help in some cases. Another big thing is hybrids. for those who don't care about those things and are just looking for a good looking pet hybrids are a good place to go. one of my favorites is the bullrog. a fire toad x mini minotaur combo
pets always have helped us. before the update the armadillo dropped by ever boss in cool ranch was a favorite everyone wanted one since it had two talents riposte and relentless. But now the armadillo Verde's days are over and new pets have come to rise. over all due to the fact that pets in pirate101 fight with us, can heal us give us talents and powers, are easier to train due to the fact you don't have to stay at the pavilion and due to the time they train your energy refills I would say pirate101 pet trainers have it better. Although it could use some work with the wait time its still pretty good.  

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