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Monday, April 25, 2016

the spiral and us pirate101 edition

Lets look at the pirate101 spiral universe and us. First lets look at the story
We start out captured by the armada. that's where the main line for Arc 1 begins. we become pirates and grow our crew and fight the armada and other bad guys while we try to find marco polo's map pieces before the armada does. So now you sort of know what the story is about so far lets begin.

1 Skull Island
Its where we begin, build our crew, get a ship and begin to learn about the map. but of course there are problems
1 cutthroats. a gang of shark pirates that are a big enemy for you
2 warf rats. a group of rats who are also a big enemy
3 monkeys. you have to fight monquista soldiers. they aren't to happy with you
4 lots of ships and monsters, you get attacked allot and stopped allot in the skyway
5 undead problem... what can i say, skull island skyway is full of undead
overall skull island isn't doomed, just allot against us. but we still help out with some side quests and things like that

2 Monquista home of the monkeys and our second world. We have some problems here though...
1 we start out wanted. Being a criminal doesn't exactly help us
2 we have to start a revolutionary war. No easy task. But we manage
3 the monqusition always after us. We are certainly no friend of theirs
4 we have to fight another revolution to. I guess gortez wants his Rev to be the only one
5 lots of sailing. although the world isn't that big we had slow ships and it took awhile.
overall, the world isn't in danger we just needed to help to get skull island recognized as its own place

3 Valencia. now we start on our journey for the map. we go into our enemies home world, our stop to get pollo map piece. problems
1 too many armada! way to many, but then again it is Valencia
well actually that's it...
overview. we only got a small taste of Valencia but we can already tell something big is going on. and we have to stop it

4 Cool Ranch. the longest world in game. we get another map piece here and do allot of other stuff
1 Lots of things to do, you have to help bison, settlers, and everybody basically, it goes from one thing to another
2 undead problem... mainly in haunted skyway there are undead. it seems most all the spiral has them
3 so many outlaws and monsters. there are tons of bad guys and you will run into them allot
4 you sail allot. although they added a quick travel type thing you still have lots of sailing too do
5 lots of collect quests. there are tons, not to bad but still
overall. long but we do get a map piece. and there is some good gear, and a good surprise at the end ;)

5 Mooshu we do so much, we battle stormzilla in a giant robot, destroy a warlord empire, beat up ninja pigs, and so on and so on. but we have some problems here
1 pigs. there are so many pigs. so many...
2 tso. he has created a large empire that we have to stop, and its no easy task but we do it
3 collect quests, there a few collect quests that are super bad. like this one you could get all the pig badges trying to get this key. or until they changed it.
overall we just face allot of people who want to take over mooshu. there is more but i don't want to ruin it

6 Marleybone here we see the war we started, we fight in it to free catbeard and we save Marleybone. well done us. problems
1 lots of criminal activity. Like in wiz we clean up some crime, but this time its mostly optional
2 we get stuck with all the suicide missions. rooke, beachhead, isle of fetch.
3 you will see at the end of marleybone...
overall we help a war they didn't know we started to save catbeard. but i guess we made up for it

7 Aquila we get our latest map piece. we are in yet another war, we fight the minotaur's sons, medusa, hydra ect. and we get Mr. did you know my father is Zeus? we have some problems here though
1 we do allot of running back and forth. not to bad but on some quests yes it is
2 lots of dungeons/mini dungeons. well it is Aquila but still...
3 lots of monsters. sure its greek myths so i guess its acceptable
overall Aquila was great, we got a map piece and a golden chicken!

We are going to continue the story soon, and then ill update this! hopefully we can add some more too Valencia

-jack. currently battling bone drakes

Friday, April 22, 2016


Pirate101 fans! during the KI LIVE we saw some Valencia part 2 secrets! although its not quite done yet (it will be released in the summer they said) we saw that YES new story content is coming. so lets start an overview and some theories.
1 we meet the toymaker. yes at the end the toymaker is mentioned but that doesn't mean we meet him. but most likely we do.
2 we join the resistance. we did hear of a resistance in Valencia part 1 and we may just get to meet up with the rest of them.
3 we get an armada ship. on the message boards blind mew said he would think about getting us an armada ship to sneak in. although on the stream tom had an Aquilan ship doesn't mean we don't get a armada ship.
4 we meet the queen. in Aquila a quest said we had to gain favor of some lady. who knows this lady might be the queen of armada
5 we fight bishop and/or phule. we haven't fought phule yet, and we know bishop isn't dead. so who knows, we may fight one or both of them. three strikes your out bishop?
6 rooke or deacon might come back? Highly unlikely but still who knows...
7 we meet the king. although this is not the main skyway keep in mind its no backwater like valencia1. the king might just be making a royal visit
8 NEW ARMADA MODELS (credit to Logan who is a die hard pirate fan who never gave up.) we saw some new ones in marleybone, so its likely we will see some newer ones here to. it isn't a backwater, we got in once, and after all, its where the person who made the clockworks lives. also if you look around on the site, you may find one unreleased already...
9 we get another windstone. we saw a few stormgates in the new Valencia skyway, new windstone perhaps?
10 more than one skyway? its possible that there will be more than one Valencia skyway. if not maybe another world. who knows?

 Valencia part 2 is confirmed. we have allot to look forward too and new hope that pirate is not dead. However I do suggest buying lots of crowns/membership for pirate101 too let them know we are interested in pirate101 (credit goes to @Swordroll for bringing this up) But after 3 long years finally pirate101 will be getting the story she deserves.

pirate101 valencia part 2 party (with chickens)


This is a party celebrating confirmed #Book15 or valencia part 2. This is a message board party but others are welcome. We will meet vadima realm avery court on April 30th at 1:00 pm central.  There are rules though 
1 all normal ki rules apply like no swearing (odds are you are going to get reported. Not by me but someone.)
2 don't be rude and start drama. If you do I'll have to kick you out. Between friends is fine but with people you don't even know or your dragging others into it I'm going to kick you out
3 pvp is okay go for it there are seven different pvp areas si look around if you don't want to wait. 
4 overall just have fun. Now for the guide to house portals 
                                           it goes to the now reclaimed first chicken island.

yellow with chicken
it goes to the chicken mall. be carful  running the ports are pretty close.
it goes to the chicken fort
it goes to the vampire chicken house
it goes to the chicken smuggling house
it goes to stranded chicken island, but be carful you may lag
I hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

an overlook of us and the spiral. wiz edition

Today we look at the world's of the spiral and us. So do you agree with me?

1 Wizard City. The world our wizard starts at. Let's see the problems.
1 undead everywhere
2 gobblers eating everything
3 giants attacking
4 fire elfs take over
Overall WC was doomed until we came

2 Krokotopia our second world. We come in search of big bad Mali but instead we save the manders (YAY!!!) Problems
1 undead
2 kroks waking up and taking over again
3 monsters are attacking the dogs which you have to help in order too get to the order of the fang which will help you get the krokonomicon
Overall manders and dogs doomed until we save them

3 Marleybone crime is all over and Mali is going to get the krokonomicon. Problems.
1 crime everywhere no one is safe
2 clockwork attacking
3 monsters disrupting everyday life
4 lower class rioting and no one is safe from them
5 not enough police too handle everything
6 still undead
Overall MB was doomed until we came

4 Mooshu World Before dragonspyre Emperor is sick and warlords are trying to take over Mooshu, let's look at the problems
1 Emperor is sick and can't help
2 thugs are everywhere
3 warlords taking over Mooshu
4 oni are messing up Mooshu
5 monsters are coming and fighting everyone.
6 ninja pigs
Overall Mooshu would be ruled by evil instead of good if it wasn't for us

5 Dragonspyre we fight Mali for the first time, the dragon Titan was summoned and destroyed DS now for the problems
1 The world was completely destroyed
2 undead and monsters everywhere
3 we had to do allot just to get to Mali
4 dragon Titan forces everywhere
5 both DS forces and Dragon Titan forces try to kill us
Overall we killed Mali but didn't really save Dragonspyre.

6 Celestia spiral geographic society gets stranded and we have to save them. what fun. here are a few problems
1 undead are everywhere and they aren't to happy with you
2 monsters have taken over like eels and robot fish
3 there is a war in the crab empire. and guess who has to fix it?
4 morganthe showing some power and we have to stop her
5 we have too help the dogs trapped on land and fix all the watermoles problems
overall the expedition was doomed, so we fixed it

7 Zafaria students missing professor missing prince missing. what fun... so here are the problems
1 we have to restore order to the entire world
2 the bad guys never carry what we need
3 so much stuff has begun that we have allot in our way from getting everyone back
4 morganthe isn't exactly helping us
5 the world is at war and we alone have to stop it
overall, zafaria is sort of doomed but not really, we fix it though

8 Avalon the king is missing and an army is tearing through Avalon destroying everyone who stands in its way. and its up to us to stop whoever is leading them. problems!
1 we start with basically nothing. so we have a hard time from the start
2 there are multiple people we have to defeat like red thorn knights as well as the Pendragon forces
3 monsters are running through Avalon and making it hard for anyone to do anything
4 basically again there is a war.
overall without us helping the resistance and defeating the Pendragon Avalon would be lost to evil.

9 Azteca morganthe is almost done with the prophecy, a comet is going to hit Azteca, undead and corrupt leaders everywhere. Oh what fun. onto the problems
1 the comet is going to hit the world.
2 so many undead its not even funny
3 corrupt leaders are working for morganthe or just want us to go away
4 pretty much everything wants to kill you.
overall Azteca is doomed and this time we can't save the world.

10 Khrysalis I'm not there yet but i have seen some stuff on it. from what i know we stop morganthe there and we have to help the mice warriors. so ill go with what i know, ah problems all over the spiral
1 center of morganthes power so of course we will have lots of trouble
2 we get pulled into the mice war against bugs. oh my what fun
3 shadow magic is big here, lots of reasons to be scared
4 morganthe has the odds in her favor
overall we save the spiral and create a new problem, so best 3 out of 4?

11 Polaris so what I make of it we have to help bartleby because he got sick so we go to Polaris to find baba yaga and we help the penguin revolution and find the rat. We also learn a new spell so yay!
1 baba yaga is reclusive and we have to find her
2 we have to help the penguins in their revolution
3 the rat is good at what he does
4 lots of bugs in Polaris
5 grandmother raven starts to distrust us
6 we still don't have the full trust of the new trainers
Overall allot at once yet we still manage to pull through. Now the fun begins

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Well my friends I got a wiz membership and am going back to Azteca going to do an Azteca travel log cya soon

Monday, April 18, 2016

jack and armadatraz part IV the beginning of a plan

We were moved from our cell by order of the brass monkey. Apparently he didn't want us to die early. What a nice guy. So there we were, moved to floor 2. There were two good things and two bad things. The good things were we could hear talk of what was going on, and we weren't in a basement. The bad things were we still were stuck in a cell and the other the guards increased.

 "Did you hear? The dogs are trying to take back the skyway?"

 "They are coming in full forces, we will have to pull back sooner or later."

 "Did you hear that crew? I have a plan to get us out of here"

 "Arrrr, spit it out already, I have stuff to blow up!"

 "shhhh not until night. The guards thin then."


 "psst bonnie."

 "Aye captain?"

 "I need you to get these things while your in the yard today. 1 rock, some rope, and a pinch of gunpowder."

 "Okay captain, ill get right on it!"

 So bonnie got these things. A rock from the rubble of a wall. The rope near the dock, and some gunpowder from a cannon. All would be ready soon we just had too wait.


 "Gee spectacular service and dedication."

 "Pssst captain..."

 "Yes bonnie?"

 "I have the items. I know how we could use the rope and gunpowder, but how a rock?"

 "All will be explained after pudding. Mr clockwork, where is the pudding?"

 "No pudding tonight pirate."

 "But but why?"

 "Because we hate you."

 "Fair enough."

 "Arrrr we all hate you."

 "Be quiet ratbeard. No one cares if you hate me."

 So after dinner we went back to our cell. There I began to explain the plan...

Friday, April 15, 2016


Lets dip into the Friday Fun bucket. For today just for fun I have hidden the logo to TDSP (the dragonspyre stormgate bubble) on 5 posts. see if you can find them, also look for the secret word in one of my posts, its "Sunbrand" these could be in any posts, so watch out for them. Ill be exploring the crystal grove if you need me


Thursday, April 14, 2016

the vacant zone

There is a place beyond which is known to normal people. It is Vast and empty, devoid of all intelligence, it is the middle between insane and very insane it lies at the bottom of your shoe or could end up in your hair, this is the place of which no one wants. this is the mind of a golden chicken.

We enter the room. A dark room. A scary room. So I turned on the light. And this is what you find
now we journey into the mind. the mind that is not there
devoid of all thought. it is blank if you put knowledge in it, it goes away. we have entered the beginning.
we now enter the middle. we have hit a area. a area with things. different things.  things like bricks. lots and lots of bricks.
We have breached the wall. A white wall. The wall had a vine. And we broke the vine. We also broke the wall. and beyond the wall was this...
Even in the mind of a creature that doesn't seem to have one there can be a treasure, it may be small or vast but worth finding. As we leave the zone you will think, and that thinking will be deep, if not then start too. now we leave The Vacant Zone

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

pirate101, guide to getting a good ship

Pirate101, what makes it so different from other ship games you get to customize your ship with different looks and you get to choose which look to keep. (plus there are tons of different types of ships) I will be going over the main ship you want (there is one better but its currently unavailable) I will be going the ship you want (its from the empire bundle) so first I'm going to list what you want to get. with pictures. sticking to the top level stuff

1 keep the figurehead from the bundle. I myself prefer the fire over the lightning clouds. it has a better chance of doing damage

2 yes its not from the bundle but it is a bit better as you can see.

3 although its debatable if the crown shop sails are better i would say this one is. i don't really use boost that much. so i would say this is a bit better.

4 the wheel its exactly the same as the crown shop one and its not that hard to find.

5 RELEASE THE KRAKEN! this can be bought in the crown shop at any lvl and is exactly the same I just stick to this one because I got it before I saw the crown shop version

6 the cannons. Yes they are from the hoodoo bundle but they are the best cannons available. not by much but still good.

7 the armor very important. keep the bundle armor its the best your going to get.

8 the anchor. how can you dock in the skyway without it? I would use this one. Its the same as the crown shop anchor.

here is what it should look like

and as for the stats...

overall its pretty good. could be changed around and still be pretty good but ill leave that to you. after all you have to have a strong ship to brave the skyways of dragonspyre...

-jack currently sailing around the basilica, funny i can see people running around. well dragonspyre is nice this time of year...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a quick look at pets in pirate101

The world of pets in pirate101 is ever expanding. Ever since the May 2014 update pets have been more valuable to your pirate more than ever. A big thing that people are excited about is the grants. For example swashbucklers like to go for turn the tide/blade storm/ relentless. buccaneers go for elusive/ turn the tide/ relentless. Although its not just powers, its things like heal grants dodge grants and attack grants like back stab and jobu's kiss. But its not just grants there are other things like your pet can charm the enemy. Not always useful but can help in some cases. Another big thing is hybrids. for those who don't care about those things and are just looking for a good looking pet hybrids are a good place to go. one of my favorites is the bullrog. a fire toad x mini minotaur combo
pets always have helped us. before the update the armadillo dropped by ever boss in cool ranch was a favorite everyone wanted one since it had two talents riposte and relentless. But now the armadillo Verde's days are over and new pets have come to rise. over all due to the fact that pets in pirate101 fight with us, can heal us give us talents and powers, are easier to train due to the fact you don't have to stay at the pavilion and due to the time they train your energy refills I would say pirate101 pet trainers have it better. Although it could use some work with the wait time its still pretty good.  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

wizard101 true story time

this is a story of how i first defeated Malistaire. It was the old days, when you had too do the 2 drake fights really quick in order for the door to open. so it was me and a friend, her lvl 50. me around lvl 35. I don't know why she asked for my help but she did. she asked right before when you go through the doors to get to the 2 drakes. so there we were. me, her and 2 crown henchmen. we fought hard and valiantly. i barely got a hit in while on the other side she wrecked and came over to mine. I was lucky to survive that day. after we beat the draconian monsters we went through the door. then i saw him. i was in awe. not that the fact that Malistaire was there but the fact that i realized i only was invited because she had no one else on. then we had to beat those ghost mobs that i don't care about. all i really need is a big fan to move them. then came the cut scene. i was getting really nervous, in my head i was saying "I'm still in krok (how i got to that lvl and still in krok was because i was scared to fight krokopatra. so i ended up helping people with higher lvl places and got over lvl 30 while in krok. sad but true. i ended up going in because i didn't care anymore and soloing the place and destroying everyone. )

so we start the mali fight it starts out good, i try and support because that's all i can do and my friend saves pips for attacks and the henchman attack and tank. then disaster struck. the storm henchman died! i was regretting my choice to come. then thankfully she bought another. storm henchman for round 2! things went better from then. and lets just say i got to kill mali with my space meatball. might have been phoenix but who knows, it was years ago. all i know is that i did something noteworthy for once in my life! go me!

proud 101 stories II (wiz edition)

I was lvl 30, I had no membership, so I decided to farm for the top undead kill badge (this was before celestia) I was fighting lost souls in unicorn way when it happened. I went on a fizzle streak. I had a full spell deck and I just kept failing. by the end of the fight I was low on health and only a few cards left. you may ask, why not use a wand spell. well my answer was I didn't have a wand equipped. why you may ask? i just wanted to see what it was like without a wand. My bad. At the end my hand was almost out, it looked like I was going to die. Then it happened, I managed to land a hit and won! Ever since then I have been afraid of lost souls.

meet the team!

time to get into my crazy naming of spells for my pyromancer Jack Skullbreeze! Remember how i said after waffles (the dragon) every attack spell was named after breakfast food, time to meet them, and a few other spells who unfortunately have been named.  some obvious, others not so much. time to meet the team!

meet cal. (short for calamari) she is the hitter for my storm team, although stormzilla is in the storm deck cal is my go to. and that's why she has been honored a name while she isn't fire.

meet eggs. eggs is named after all the round pieces of ash it shoots out. not necessarily egg shaped but what can i do?

ALL HAIL THE EXTRA SPICY SPACE MEATBALL! extra spicy space meatball (essm) came before waffles. but i suppose you can eat meatballs for breakfast. but i don't think i would like my meatballs on fire. too crispy.

TOAST! BEHOLD, TOAST, destroyer of worlds, slayer of powerful foes, it seems nothing can stop toast in his tracks. all must fear toast the mighty!

this is frank, but don't worry he is nice. mostly... franks last name is furter. he co owns a shop that sells salchichas. Franks Salchichas. ah the puns...

well that's the current team, next spell, who knows the name?

-jack currently training bone drakes

Saturday, April 9, 2016

a proud 101 story. story I (wizard101 edition)

I was in Dragonspyre, I had just learned dragon but as we wizard101 players know when you learn all the spells up to dragonspyre you get a master of (blank) badge. So I was confused because I thought I had learned all the spells. So I sent an e-mail to support asking why I hadn't gotten it, turns out I hadn't learned Fire Shield from Sabrina Greenstar which is in the Fairegrounds in the Commons. Probably one of the proudest wiz moments of my life. Its all true by the way.
I named the dragon waffles, every attack spell after waffles is named after a breakfast food


Friday, April 8, 2016

suggestions for the blog

You as the viewers are very important. so I'm asking for some suggestions that you think would make viewing this blog better for you and make you want to come back more (ex. new type of posts, what i could change in blog layout) No idea is a bad idea, all will be put under serious consideration (as long as you know, its a serious suggestion) keep in mind this is a family friendly blog, so nothing that kids can't look at. your opinions matter and i respect them. if you can get some friends who play w/p101 and show them this blog and see what they think i could change. Thank you in advance.


jack and armadatraz III

Jack and Armadatraz III Running Out of Time

“I Ratbeard would like to withdraw my statement about the previous cliffhanger being bad.”

“Would you now? Let the story continue!”

So there i was, taken back to my cell. Me, Kobe, Bonnie, Ratbeard, Hawkules, Toro, Pete, Gracie, Old Scratch and Catbeard all stuffed into one cell, that was the brass monkeys mistake.

“How was it a mistake! He nearly KILLED us by doing that!"

"BE QUIET! I'm getting to that, don't ruin it."

We were stuck, given a life sentence with no way out. however this cell was very old. deep in the basements of the fort, broken stones, split wooden beams and all sorts of hazards. It was like there was no escape. Also the wooden ceiling was rotting, although it wouldn't collapse soon it certainly was going to end our vacation quicker than we thought.

 "You call that a explanation!? Hawkules tells better stories than you! Arr if only i could tell it..."

 "You would add a explosion every line. what is it with you and blowing stuff up? I mean, i mean when the cookie jar is on the fridge do you just blow up the fridge!?"


 "Stop fighting you two! Ratbeard be quiet and captain, ignore everything  everybody says"

 "Well bonnie, should i ignore that and argue or get on with the story?"


 "Back to the story!"

 The guard who was watching us, a armada marine wouldn't listen too us while we tried to tell him about the roof.

 "You need to move us, we are going too get crushed if you don't!"

 "Do you have no honor? Putting prisoners of war in conditions like these!"

 "Be quiet! You will be sent to cadiz before that roof falls. For the glory of Kane!"

 "Did you know my father is Zeus? I can put in a good word for you if you let us go."


 "Finally, an armada i can agree with."


 "Screaming, reminds me of when we rescued ratbeard from the watermoles eh bonnie?"

 "Aye! His screams sounded exactly like a 6 year old girl!"

 "They did not! They were very manly screams..."

 "Well, we may have exaggerated a little. More like a 6 year old boy who just watched a scary movie."

 "You do realize that still sounds high pitched"

 "YES I DO! now i believe i am out of time..."

 "WHAT! All you did was make fun of me! And you better not end on a bad not about me..."

 "I wont, pirates promise."


*cough cough* ratbeard is jealous of catbeard * cough cough*


 "Night Everyone!"

Thursday, April 7, 2016

a thank you to all


it seems just like yesterday i started this blog, and already I'm getting close to a thousand views! a BIG thanks to the Nordic champion ( @NordicChampion1 ) on twitter ( ) and @EdwardLifegem ( ) and a thank you to all of you! going to get my own domain soon to make the site one step closer to becoming official! you will see some changes on the site. every day i count the views and it always makes me happy. i hope you guys understand i can't post every day since the school year is ending. but keep in mind i post more than most. ill see you soon! may the gods of luck forever be in your favor while fishing/farming

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

b for bizarre

it is the future. exactly 50 minutes in. there has been a random chicken takeover on a unpopulated island. success if there ever was one. however there is a person who is attacking the takeover, in some weird mask. some boy fox mask or something... anyways as of now i am searching for chickens to stop this guy who calls himself B. LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

6:00pm no signs of chickens. but news on the supposed uprising, part of the world is fighting a civil war, the other has a serious virus spreading through it. i guess "B" is going to blow something up and needs a source of explosives. which this island has.

6:25pm alas the chickens are still none. I hear this guys home was raided, a associate of "B" was captured. but in the end it was "B" man he sounds crazy. but question is, is he chicken crazy?

6:30 a chicken!
i dub the sgt pepper. now go serve the chicken empire with your band of lonely hearts.

6:50 no chickens. B has brought people to the island to overthrow our government. i mean who does that? its chickens ruling a island of no strategic or cash value! those masks though...

7:00 i must be off. B has won in blowing up whatever. our government that ruled nothing has been overthrown and my spaghetti is getting cold. i go out in style

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


time for a pop quiz!


1 upon seeing stolen treasure do you
a) keep it for yourself and spend it on yum
b) leave it alone
c) leave it and tell others about it
d) take it and give it to charity

2 when your friends ask for help do you
a) tell them you are busy when you actually aren't
b) wait a bit to finish what your doing even if it isn't that important then help
c) go help and then leave them right as you finish helping them
d) go help straight away and then stick around awhile incase they need more help

3 when your friend needs another ship do you
a) tell them you don't help with ship fights
b) tell them they will have to go to the area and then they will have to help with their ship
c) wait for them to go on their ship and then let them sit on your ship while you fight
d) go there for them and let them sit on your ship while you fight

4 there are citizens who are in trouble do you
a) not help out if the rewards aren't worth it
b) get back to it after you finish the game
c) do it but after you've finished the world
d) do the quest straight away even if it isn't worth it

5 you find something in the bazaar that your friend needs but if you buy it you will be out of gold do you
a) leave it and don't tell him because they will find it eventually
b) leave it and tell them to come quick or a friend to come buy it for them
c) buy it but tell them you owe them a favor
d) buy it and tell them they don't need to repay you in any way

time to see if your naughty or nice!
a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4 points
1-5 dark chocolate beard! your a pirate that thinks for yourself. you look out for number one. you would be very rich and able to retire from piracy early
6-10 chocolate beard! you do the right thing, sort of. you have good intentions but it could be seen as more bad than good
11-15 milk chocolate beard! you do the right thing but with a small hint of bad. what you do has a chance to end bad but will start out good.
16-20 white chocolate beard! your the good pirate, you do what's right and if it turns out bad you would try and fix it. however it would take a bit longer for people to trust you than a milk chocolate beard because they have some bad which people always see in pirates

Monday, April 4, 2016

back at it again with those zombie chickens

sorry for the delay, the area of delay was really busy. so ill make this good! prepare for WWZC

so you find yourself awakening from a chemical explosion on your floating island, due to the wreckage and lack of people this wont turn out good, be prepared.

as you escape be carful, you never know what your going to find or get with golden chickens

red eyed zombie chickens. since they aren't made of meat they rust, but they still want flesh. luckily for you zombie chickens have a IQ of about 1. regular gold chickens have a IQ of 2. very easy 1v1

However low their IQ is i still don't recommend fighting them when you don't have too. let him watch his clock while i find supplies

it seems this place was already raided by survivors. question is, did those chickens escape without you? oh well going to get some of those spears

off to the sewer! safest place to be, golden chickens are scared of sewer.

time to find a place to hide, not sure how the water will taste though.

looks like this place has been taken. looks like i have to find another spot

i see two ways out, time to pick like my life depends on it. any many miny moe pick a chicken by the toe...

a survivor! I'm going to save him!

oops to late

GUNS! this will help, only going too take one though. can't carry them all. stock up on weapons if you can.

well this new house is a bust. now that both houses have zombie chickens in them i will have to try to fight my way past.

it appears i missed. time too run for my life!

this place seems to be deserted better run while it still is.

more food, take as much food as you can for the zombie chicken apocalypse. these things although never last seem like they take a long time.

time for more weapons! i would try and secure a gun and sword.

its a zombie chicken horde. just run away, no use fighting them all

fresh water. i think...

hmmm. surrounded, lets see how we can beat this.


nope, not going to be cornered

hiding in places you blend in is good. those rusted eyes don't help them see.

look for people with weapons. golden chicken zombies cant hold them

be carful as time goes by. the rust on there eyes go away after awhile.

more guards. better run while they hold them off

time to run! thank you all for attending the zombie chicken apocalypse training session, bazaar hunters will return shortly.

-Jack currently fighting skeletal drakes