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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

yay for random clicking! sorry this is up late, working out a schedule for my junior year. whos up to see the first colony? I know I am. well I see it all the time but still...
my first official permanent chicken house, trial and error. mainly error. but you know the masters have failed more times than beginners. luckily I'm so great I failed once and I'm a master...wait that sounds wrong when I type it. redo, I have over 150 chickens and 6 houses and I'm still a beginner. its harder than it looks give me some credit.
boom chicken house. see its hard.
but we are off topic and I think the stuff I said was funny so I'm leaving it. just being honest...
"Gather around boys and girls, and the occasional parent who doesn't want to check out a book. Today I shall tell you the story of hope, visions, prosperity, war, then death. that boys and girls is our story. the story of life. now that's a very general description, and no jimmy you may not go to the bathroom this is the only time I get noticed, so sit down and listen to me. this is the story of the lives of a group of chickens, after a great war they were left homeless, so the people of Aquila set them up a home in skull island, yes little bobby?" "wouldn't that clash with the government of skull island when a opposing government moves in and presses its will on the pirate democracy that is skull island? and is this even ethical to the current population of the said island to which was decided for the chickens to inhabit?" "well bobby aren't you smart, but unfortunately I went to community college and got my degree in communication skills so I have no idea what you just said. now sit down and save those controversial thoughts until you become a Politian." "but sir? isn't being a Politian a joke? in our current government they are just merely figure heads? toys to rich people who run the government behind the scene" " And that children is why I don't vote." "now back to our story which we have even yet to start..." "can we just skip to the middle, the first part sounds boring" "Kid... you need help. but we shall start at the beginning if there are no more interruptions"...."very well now we begin..."

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