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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

wiz house

a new wiz post! we haven't done one in awhile so lets get started! lets do a wiz house post shall we?
(note I'm not as much into housing as pirate on wiz. not enough chickens...)
that fountain and everything in it is from the bazaar, still missing a few pieces though... y (at least I have something to hunt for on here)

winterbane anyone?

welcome to your death enemies...

raventank. the magic school for fish

my favorite fish, and a small fry krok eel. accidently sold the small fry owl eyed pike, need to get that back...
the woods, full of monsters, good luck trying to get to the fort if your on their bad side

a closer look. the troll guards the bridge. he doesn't like trespassers

don't hang out in the bad crowd. also a raven. of course this woods is bad

a cannon faced right at the entrance. good luck trying to take the outpost

pet guards, we have to have allot for them to be effective...

yes more cannons...

a krok warrior is a krok warrior. how could I pass that up

weapons on first floor. perfect for fending off intruders

side view= more weapons

snow :D

fire elf archers, I'm a pyromancer so yaaaaa

more and more raining fire

only one back here but eh.

there are 2 back here but ones hard to see, so its okay


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