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Friday, March 25, 2016

valencia easter eggs

valencia is our next stop! I just barely got enough Easter eggs for this to be a top 10. I'm sick so going to make this short.
Thaddeus (stevens) is a college that focuses on technology. seeing that this is a school full of robots this seems appropriate

Gonzago is a person who was murdered in hamlet. this guy is on stage and hamlet is part of history which leads me to believe this is the person from hamlet

aragon is a community in spain that goes with a medieval kingdom in spain 

granchia is (i think) named after grancia which is in the lugano district of Switzerland and had a church built on the ruins of another church and i believe that this is what the church is by going under the whole island.

so i cant show music on camera but the music is based off of a movie called "a clockwork orange" not going to say what its about since its kind of a horror and its a really messed up movie

this guy is named after Battista Della Porta who was a Italian scholar. he studied allot of fields of science. to think he would be serving fuel at a rich unicorns house on a floating island. what has this world come to 

there is a constanza in the Dominican Republic but i believe he is named after Constanta in Romania (it is much closer to Italy and has allot of history) it is historically known as Tomis and is oldest continually habited city in Romania  

Marco Pollo. of course no need to explain the easter egg. creator of the map and great explorer.

sivella is named after Seville in Spain. Cristopher Columbus's tomb and is the capitol of southern Spain's Andalusia region

this guy is either a coincidence or on purpose. Ludovico Einaudi is a Italian composer and pianist. I'm guessing coincidence


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