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Monday, March 21, 2016

top 10 favorite easter eggs 1 Marleybone

HELLO! ill be doing my top 10 Easter eggs in all pirate worlds up until Easter! (note Easter eggs are small references to famous things hidden usually in games) I will be doing a random order until Easter Sunday. I have chosen Marleybone to start because after all marleybone is my favorite world in both games! (note no specific order, I like them all!)

Lord Of The Rings. he gives a quest about golems. and Gollum is the crazy little guy who falls into the volcano holding the ring, however his real name is Sméagol.  and since lord of the rings is one of my favorite movies I love that they put this in

I've never read the book but however I do love the fact that its here. allot of my favorite easter eggs reference old books

okay by far my favorite mb easter egg. I LOVED 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. I suggest you read it. it may be long but its a great book

Thomas Kat (Tom and Jerry anyone?) I loved that show and still do. great job KI

got to love that underdog (talking about the superhero not the team who is not expected to win)

Ah I know the refrence but can't remember it. All I know its a composer or something like that. correct me if you can its bugging me and i don't know what to look up

okay i had to fight and didn't want to use potion or yum yum. plus this place has a few fights but jean Lafitte was a French-American pirate. and i do love pirates!

not really a big one but its named after lime stone which i kind of like because it was everywhere where i grew up (Kansas) it just reminds me of home
a small reference to crocodile Dundee which was a film. look it up the internet can explain it better than i can...

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