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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

the outfits of jack part 1

we all have our outfits right? well today I show you mine. first my pirate, since he has farmed allot he has way more outfits. the reason I'm showing you this is because I want to show you how fun It can be to create a bunch of different outfits for different occasions.
1 jack nightingale
the emperor of chickens
my chicken emperor outfit. seeing that chickens are from Aquila its appropriate
the pirate outfit.
my pirate outfit, seeing that I'm a buccaneer the huge sword fits this nicely
my redcoat outfit.
long live the queen!
my 2 armada outfits

I am a collector of armada elite items. as shown here
rooke outfit
I may use the shield but not often, I like to use the axe
fighting outfit
my outfit for fighting in high lvl (level) places it varies but its usually this
as you can see I have allot of outfits, the armada ones usually just to stand out, chicken emperor for friends, pirate for casual, and redcoat for when I'm using my MB companions.

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