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Thursday, March 31, 2016

the chickinator *puts on golden sunglasses*

Arnold E.

Welcome back Dragonspyre crewmates aboard the USS Overpriced.
lets start out right
when doc bok picked up this guy he was asking for a red corn seed or blue corn seed. what is this the matchicks?

special thanks to my friend. she buys me chickens :D
now lets start for real (starting today, that was yesterday)

jacks log: spiral date: 3/31/16

i start out today as i log in with no friends. doc bok on vacation, he is visiting a friend "doctor boktopus) i don't know about him, i wouldn't trust a chicken with that name, what is he some gold goblin. its a marvel he even knows him. well at least its no Detective, man they just don't look good in Comics. its like there are 2 different universes out there...

30 minutes in...

no chickens. just a few people... also so few friends on. that could only mean one thing... i don't have a life, which means...I AM IMMORTAL!

update: not immortal apparently there is a difference between no social life and no life at all.

1 hour in...

I regret to inform you that I am having a zombie chicken apocalypse drill. This will be interrupt the currently scheduled posts and I will proceed back to the bazaar hunting once the drill is done. thank you for understanding and remember: there is no armor like knight armor in a zombie apocalypse!
what a um. "wonderful" zombie costume...

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