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Friday, March 4, 2016

sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, was a bit busy. so as a little treat ill show you the inside of my ship. as for the number of chickens as to today ill let that slip. exactly 145 chickens. dang. I might actually be crazy.
but here is the bonus footage. and a story!
the story of the growing nest, I mean empire.
the chicken empire (k first that was not my idea, it was a old friends. I liked it so I went along with it. never would have thought of it. also people have told me they were worried about me with the chickens) has always been looking for new territory to call their own, so they created a mobile standard colonization and invasion kit. consisting of attack vehicles, weapons, and a banner to claim territory. but don't worry. the chickens aren't exactly warriors, so whenever they stumble across a abandoned island they claim it, they have yet to find a inhabited island...

now for the house!
I picked the golden market, mainly because when I was clicking It wouldn't click the house unless I clicked it on purpose. shall we begin with the story.
after the attack on the first chicken colony a few brave chickens headed to Valencia to set up camp. upon arriving at a abandoned pirate fort used during the polarian wars the chickens set up a small village within its walls they soon set up small trade with smugglers and set up a defense incase of a armada attack. they were the first of the survivors to find a home after the attack. later the armada set up a blockade in the area, without realizing it they helped those who they thought to have destroyed, survive. since the chicken fort was the only way to pass the blockade and was well defended the smugglers had to pay a fee and give up some of their cargo. they did however have the chance to buy it back however people just wanted to get out in a hurry to meet the buyer and get out of Valencia (because you know, the armada) however it was soon known that the other colonies have decided on a home base. knowing that, the leaders of the chicken fort realized they could no longer remain independent. they reached an agreement stating that this would be the trade center, with normal traders and costumers coming in as well as smugglers and pirates the income was doubled and the funds for more shiny things increased (the chickens spent gold on shiny things...they never were to smart) with that I shall show you the pictures. enjoy!
the entrance. I love the mouth. he looks happy

the rare pet and mounts some pets have been adopted and mounts have been taken. yay!

 the view from up here reminds me
so this guy sells statues, straight from Aquila. outside a cave...

he sells one item. it sells fast...

he sells items from the crown shop for gold... (everything in the crown shop...)
tents... for sale only no use to get out of the rain.

this guy is selling his stand... he's unloyal to the chicken cause...

Azteca furniture. as you can see some vendors are missing. for example this guy is raiding the ruins of Azteca...
clock tower. a small model of big jim. not for sale. go build your own.

our pet shop area. for you pet morphers, a morphing statue, no timer. (for a extra fee...)

anyone want cars? we got all models.

this was our food court, currently under renovation. but we still have food.

the latest in modern machinery. from huge computers to small scales.

anyone want furniture?

and of course shelves. in small medium and large.

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