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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

part duh (like deux or two in French, making a joke I'm dumb)

yay lets finish this house! (no chickens)
entrance. random pets, woohoo!

ice pet room. missing some but eh

another view. I love paintings so I filled my house with them

mander room, fun fact. all manders dropped or bought. not 1 from a pack (includes that one that drops from the mander in storm temple that's really hard to drop, both the fire and green mander dropped from him)

incase you missed something here are the other manders.

a little café. I don't do just chickens, I dabble in other areas

another view, love the painting of hades (fun fact, he's actually a chicken, look at the wings next time you see him)

hall of weapons, some I can't use others I can.

other weapons. apparently this room is haunted. eh I couldn't care less.

my study. filled with knowledge crystals from dragonspyre and texts from celestia. (and a few trophies and treasures)

another view, (a view of other treasures and trophies)

scrolls from krok on the magic of elements (I know a bit of all)

my crafting room. and even more art

another view.

even more cannons! 
commander of the cannons. boom

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