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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

part 3. the horror...the horror...

so inside the town hall, was the town game room, the war room, the main office, the hotel, and the weapon store. selling sharpened sticks to cannons. I quote a friend "my kind of town hall" don't I just have amazing friends. but don't worry they are never on anymore so I never hang out with them. either they deleted me or I deleted them. message board drama... (I'm usually the one causing it. but since I don't know any of them anymore no drama)
the entrance. all but rubble. as you can see there is a spear, I put them here and there to show they fought back. (unrelated note, chickens have very poor aim when throwing spears)
the rich room for guests. looks like my room at the end of the week. hahahahahahahahahahah...
so the regular room (only 2 rooms, we never did get much visitors...)
top floor a complete wreck. just like we left it. I blame bob.
the rec room, or (w)rec(k) room. not much of a wreck but the armada did the best they could
this is what it looks like from up here (with the deco tab open)
the food store room. as you can see not much left. (the fruit is all bruised the coconut water is dirty and the bottles are empty) the rubble crushed the cookies. I'm in the process of avenging them
the remains of the war room. although never found they took a heavy hit in the bombardment. so although the armada never found it, it got the worse beating.
room one the weapon room. all weapons were taken to the fight and lost to the armada. there are spears here because of a small riot when the armada were spotted coming. some wanted to make peace others wanted to fight. a fight broke out and of course the fight side won.
the keys to the city. kept down here incase the armada find the secret rooms full of treasure and magic relics... forget I said that...
the private office for officials to meet. now destroyed. ill have allot of fun rebuilding this place
everyone loves sewers!
I swear I never moved her if you don't believe me comment and ill meet up with you and show you
fun story, I was once sacrificed by a friend in this sewer. truly I am a man of many stories
the sewer was like this. no one cared enough to fix it
the rich chickens house. he invested in mooshu and got rich. doesn't look rich anymore. HA!
chicken with guns. isn't scary yet you have to respect him.
what's left of his fortune. old documents of contracts and receipts long ago paid
 there he is. he can get out perfectly well but chooses not to. he doesn't want to accept his new life.
so the old secret club. well secret by chicken standards...
this is where the leaders met to plan the downfall of mayor bob. mayor bob beat them to it though.
that's the end of this chicken house
good night and good luck forgetting this.
-jack currently killing undead drakes

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