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Monday, March 7, 2016

part 2. k
I'm sick so I don't feel like coming up with a story. write your own, its fun and in return I'm still posting win-win

just a quick view. shows that the chickens have big and small cannons
entrance. heavily defended and lots of people to fight

chickens with heavy cannons. what could go wrong?

a small outpost, walls to guard the people who run down there and a big cannon to blow holes in the enemies hulls

cannons to match any invasion ships. if they get by the blockade blocking the island

a large wall, no way getting past that bamboo

a cannon to fire on any people trying to avoid fire. no place is safe

as you can see we have lots of guns, don't mess with us

a small area for settling disputes, a bell to ring when their is a attack, again don't attack us

a row of cannons, if you manage to land prepare to be bombarded

weapon house, holds attack vehicles and tons of weapons to fight invaders

another row of cannons. get wrecked

and yet another, if you try to climb the stairs you may just get blown up

more cannons! and another wall, we aren't push overs

cannons! small but powerful

we have guards up here, don't worry

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