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Friday, March 4, 2016

part 2 your probably sick of the chicken houses by now...

who wants a story? I have one. the story of my first chicken (I put him in this exact house to) I was finishing mooshu but my membership ran out (to be fair I took a long break from games. so I was behind everyone who was around as long as me) I decided to shop in the bazaar to see if I can get some better gear before I get a membership again. I was looking around the decorations for fun because I have always been a decorator in videogames and then I saw it. it was strange and beautiful  something I had to have. so I bought it. I placed it down top floor of my house (the buck (buccaneer) one) and it was glorious. I wanted more, I had no idea where they came from at the time (I don't watch walkthroughs, I don't like the surprise to be spoiled) I only got my second one after I did the part of the story that gives me it. and when I put them side by side it didn't look right, so I got more. still didn't look right and I ended up getting more and more until well, now. you heard of cat lady's? well I'm a golden chicken man. although I'm not sure if I'm all that crazy, just because you like cats doesn't mean your crazy. I'm just bored, ya that's it. bored. well that's the story, now you know the truth of how people started to think I'm insane.
magic carpets for sale, no tricky genies in sight.

our top floor. the Aquilan section, I spent tons of money buying all the stuff for the house -_-

our shooty weapons a wide range, all unloaded and on safety.

our melee weapons, lots in stock lots of options, choose your favorite

also wall hangings. I have absolutely to much time on my hands 

ships for sale, free rope included. cheap prices too, because we stole them.

fire works, illegal fireworks for sale. take them while they last.

assorted goods and cannonballs. cannonballs half off if you buy a cannon

literature barrels and vases. that golden wheel is not for sale, just for looks

free root beer. if you make a purchase of 100 gold coins or more 

our floral section with Samantha the florist. she sells the best at the best prices (the best for the highest)

lighting, from skull island to Aquila.

our cheap knockoff games (my double dropped games) and barrels of flour. because who uses sacks anymore?

beds and baskets, and the remainder of the stuck chicken...

pets, glad to say most of them have happy homes.

feed the kraken for 50 gold coins

chicken-Fu lessons? only 500 gold coins

so we have gold, don't you?

-jack currently fishing in lava for gold.

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