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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Part 2, the start of the story begins...
"Now children we begin the tale of-BOBBY! NO! ahem- sorry bobby was walking off. its my time to shine... so we begin in the start of the new island" "what about the government pressi-" "NO ONE CARES! where do you children even learn this stuff... okay so now we begin for real. upon setting a new colony the chickens needed allies to keep them safe, so they chose the wooden ships and iron dogs of marleybone. marleybone quickly accepted the application for a official marleybone colony. seeing that they had more land in skull island meant they had a better watch on monquista, a enemy of the dogs." "you ever think this all might not be real, just the imagination of a group of people who made us? I mean iron dogs and monkeys who can claim territory through crossbows and cannons?" "okay so one a figure of speech and two quiet." "everything seems to be made by a corporation these days." "I said be quiet. Now the chickens had high hopes for their colony, they started off with building a private marleybone navy. then they opened up trade with anyone who came by. The mayor of chickensville mayor bob had a vision, a vision of a grand chicken empire..." "seems like your just saying the words and tying them into a short sentence as if making it a story" "Okay kid I only have an hour and you guys took up 45 minutes of it. its your fault, deal with it. "however a war began and it meant bad news for everyone except the chickens. on valencian maps the island was not shown as marleybone territory. and since it was a new territory maps were yet to be made with the island as claimed territory." "wait, I don't get it wouldn't they have made reprints and announced it?" "Okay kids I got 5 minutes left time for the short version. Valencia saw the ships, big battle, big boom. Congratulations kids you ruined the day for me." "its life deal with it." "I should have been a mime. at least I cant talk."
time for pictures, lets all thank the wizard mike for speaking. "BOOOOOO!" shush its not his fault he was stuck doing this. its the economies fault.
the entrance. looks lovely doesn't it. the only reason the witchdoctor area survived is because hoodoo I guess. I don't pry.
so rubble. a fountain used to be a there. also see those skulls, those were the people who fought the armada, they died with honor, and scorpions are nice. so cuddly.
let me tell you walking around this house isn't fun. so many debris so much fun. and lots of litter and weapons, don't invite the kids...
this is the garden, or was... this cannot be good for the environment...
so this is the food crops. freshly planted, by whom? I have no idea. maybe the ghost of hopes and dreams past. oh and those graves? those are the graves of the head officials and officers who were chickens. mayor bob wasn't buried, no one liked him. (after all he was the one who made the colony be a marleybone colony, and his brain was fried. he came out directly under the light of the incubator and just stayed there. he got a nice tan but still...)
 all this area ever was, was a small storm shelter. and by the way mayor bobs slogan was vote for me and you wont be sorry. he was right, they were to busy running from robots to be sorry.
so this was the market. as you can see its no more anything valuable was stolen by armada or scavengers and the rest blown up by cannons. the armada never were tidy when It comes to other people.
there used to be a clock tower in that little alcove. it was big Jim. named after the chicken who built it. during the attack it was blown to bits, parts were stolen and now are part of the grand design. so when you go there in the future say "for big Jim!" when your friends ask you what you mean tell them its a long story and just point them to this site. its long because its been 3 years...
the armada didn't blow up everything... they ran out of gunpowder. so the only untouched item of importance in the colony. its important because it was the first fountain. we wanted it gold but the chickens who were made out of gold were to cheap and painted the bottom yellow. pure genius
grand plaza, the fountain isn't gone because it wasn't working anyways. seems kind of pointless to break something that's already broken. yet didn't stop people from defending this place. my faith is restored in chickmanity
you get a good picture of the damage here. pretty bad, cant say ill miss it though. only reason I have to say I learned a lesson from creating chicken houses
to be honest I moved the rubble here, I am ashamed of what's inside. and I am ashamed of almost nothing.
find out in about 10 minutes I hope

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