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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

part 2, one part creepy, one part beautiful 2 parts silly lets begin because I woke up on the good side of the bed today. the sunny side up if you will...sorry I had to.

the tomb of the founders. there were 4 founders. Cornelius, Josephine, Bethany and Dr Stone, the only 4 wise chickens... recently a monkey witchdoctor has begun rituals to resurrect their spirits and harness their power (legend has it they inherited power from hades, but seeing that they chose to spend their time on a doomed to fail colony I doubt it) as you can see I have a over active imagination which helps because I can think of a excuse for anything. the monkey has summoned spirits to guard the tomb to let him work. but I'm not sure those guys are going to work... then again its chickens he's trying to keep out. because of this all main ways to the tomb are blocked off and guarded. only the emperor of chickens (horrible title with another meaning that I'm proud of. deal with it life) is allowed in. hopefully he does bring them to back to life so I can replace the government workers I have under me with their spirits,
the only hallway inside that's not blocked off.  studies guarded by things other than chickens works more effective so I sent guards that were not chickens. no break-ins yet!
the sewers of the capitol building. complete with dinosaurs, banners, sewage, and torches. oh what a fun sewer.

treasures from across the spiral. I like it, makes me think me having chickens is somewhat important
I like hallways...

especially ones that lead to my room.
hawkules: did you know Zeus is 
my father?
me: did you know I killed the seemingly immortal hydra without you?
what house is complete without a pool? its all mine too. don't touch its the only thing that says this was worth it all. because I only bought this bundle for my chickens. goals!
the entrance, bare, kind of gives you a idea on what's going on in a chicken mind.
this is what happens when you try to kill medusa, you become furniture. life lesson for the day.
this is a spar room for the guards to practice with melee weapons. no one comes In here really. except the guy who looks at the broken mirror and henry. he likes to stare out that window. and as for those chickens? not gold but they will have to do.
hey artwork, not sure if I approve seeing that they tried to kill me but whatever keeps me from getting stabbed 27 times... et tu frank?
ironically (at least for me) the only place this tent would fit was inside. and it doesn't even fit all the way. so I turned it into the game room, it has fish, music stuff, fish...chickens. and games. oh ya it has soup too. (it has some sort of... meat?)
the balcony. I prefer the crow's-nest but eh. but still its very cool also its where senators get egged on Halloween, I may or may not help with the egging. fun fact. I put the firing cannon dividers up on both sides and invited friends to fire at each other. so I invited friends to blow each other up basically. I'm such a great friend aren't I?
my private roost. I like to drink my yum, read a scroll, and watch chickens argue about whether or not chrome finishing's are constitutional. (we have more of a eggstitution)
the view from the roost. its actually kind of nice.
although this is outside I consider it inside because its within the walls. so yaaa...  that's the capitol of the gce. only 3 houses left, then the unfinished house...

-jack nightingale/skullbreeze, currently robbing the grand chasm  


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