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Monday, March 14, 2016

new house part 2, inside the mini castle (for a mini vampire) plus Jeff!

here we have, I don't know what we have, but I don't like it...

the graves of von chickens top henchmen, a even 6...(66)

a samoorai statue to scare away good spirits. I know this because I read the note

a corrupted Ki-rin, as well as a small lab (I moved that, I don't have more than one) 

some sort of hex upon those who dig up this area. I'm going to make Dave do that

hmmm this looks safe.

the house of the dead woohoo

actually I never moved him, strange glitch I can't seem to understand how to copy

well, zombies are undead so eh

again never moved him, just a accident

undead cowboys, this place has it all

yup definitely has it all

and a view of the entrance to the tunnels. this chicken always did like mooshu

the house of von chicken, not to shabby

beanbag. for when a chickens pillow gets flat

so undead pet. got to have them

here we see Jeff in his natural habitat. notice how he stares at the organ without actually playing it, as if he sees it playing in his mind. he appears to be a total featherbrain but we have reasons to believe he is quite smart, best not disturb him or he will freak out...

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