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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

more favorite easter eggs? you bet! this time, AQUILA! home of the great golden chickens, lets begin right now!
Icarus and his wings. that story taught me to never reach for the stars

ah the great philosopher himself, feathers, beak and all

the sirens. I'm really glad they put this in, after all it was in the original story and I loved that part

the original bad guy in the story, he was promised the most beautiful maiden in the land, which happened to be Helen who was going to marry someone else, Paris stole her since the gods promised her to him and that started the Trojan war. the story is very interesting i suggest you read it 

Monty Python anyone?

ah troy, big walls big statues small amount of people to win

no way I'm going back to medusa, I'm just going to show you on the map. but seriously, all Greek mythology games need medusa

the oracle, this isn't much of a easter egg, but she does play a important part of the storyline so I'm including her

2 for 1 you can't have a Aquilan post without hawkules (he knows people pretty high up) or the famed terminat-i mean eagilles
last but certainly not least the famed minotaur! his face looks better than mine in the morning
that being said, GOOD NIGHT! (aka going to take a nap but that's going to blend into all night sleep)
-jack currently trying to beat the loremaster with a sword

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