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Saturday, March 26, 2016

monquista easter eggs! (with a hint of skull island)

come with me if you want to live....or maybe see monkeys who value themselves over all others. a short story before we begin.
once upon a time i was farming Antonius in Ithaca. at the first battle bonnie Anne died. she was forever shunned then end. that is the story of how i deal with companions.

named after a real queen. queen anne of England. under queen anne the 2 kingdoms of England and Scotland became great Britain, which is like what she did by creating a new kingdom

the house of Borgias was from Valencia during the renaissance they were high in political affairs in the 15th and 16th century and had 2 popes to their name. and the quest line for this guy has some political importance to the Borgia family name.

this little guy is a easter egg to Indiana Jones. this is the holy grail scene where Indie chooses the right holy grail while his enemy choses the wrong one and dies. luckily for our pirate there is only one monkey paw. and this is a extra reference to a short story about a monkey paw that grants 3 wishes but if you aren't pure of heart it ends up bad.

this is a reference to a actual place in spain. located on a arid plateau yet is good for farming this place is the same and has some well know people who were born there. although its not covered in bananas now and isn't in ruins

2 references to the same book. first the monkey, named after Sancho panza the traveling fools squire and says many humorous things and ironic Spanish proverbs, donkey hotay or Don Quixote is the main character in the book is from la mancha and is a all around fool and the book is considered one of the greatest fiction book ever published

NOBODY EXPECTS THE MONQUISTION! the form of the Spanish inquisition and that line is a play off of a Monty Python skit. all around just crazy little monkeys

gortez is played off of the famous conquistador Cortez who conquered the Aztecs. and then there is queen Eleanor of castile. why i think its her is explained next

its funny how Eleanor of castile is close to castellan guards. names sound similar and they are in monkey central, i do want to point out how the door is much smaller than the monkeys.

ah curious George. the monkey in the yellow hat. very obvious, now onto the fact that there is no good monkey gear...
-jack currently riding dragons and setting buildings on fire after looting them

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