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Monday, March 7, 2016

last house, the unseen house story time!

story of the lost pirates:
there once was a crew of pirates who collected a mass amount of treasure. they decided to set up home on a small island in skull island. The captain, Long John Larry made a small home within the caves of the small mountains. he filled several rooms with treasure and put his prized possessions on a small shelf. One day a woman was found hanging on to a broken plank. She was brought in and she told her tale. "It was the storm, swirling red clouds, black lightning, and purple mist. ghost ships came from the center of the cloud and surrounded us. they fired their cannons which blasted right through us, in seconds our ship had sunk, I managed too hold on to a piece of wreckage and saw them go back to the storm from which they were born." the story touched the heart of the captain and the first mate, who then both tried to win her heart. Not long after there was an argument between the captain and first mate. the decided to duel and with one quick shot the captain was dead. the first mate tried to steal away the women but she refused. So the first mate stole some of the captains treasure, and ran to the exit. but little did he know that the women was behind him. she ran up to him and did a quick jab in the back. soon the crew and the women got on the captains boat and sailed to a far off land. leaving everything behind...
I can already tell things are bad

completely stranded

bird in the snow. 2 birds to be exact

a troggy, here?

snow snow snow.

yay chickens in tents!


water pets! watch out for the batacuda!


                                                               we have some supplies

the old chicken ship. its gone for good

a small wooden bridge, who knows how long its been there

a island with 3 mountains someday our chickens may go there, some day

2 dinos hunting. lets see if they score

look at the beautiful clouds like cotton candy

a small sabertoothed bunny

the roost. for birds only

the old pvp area

a good view. I like it

walkway. walking that way

a waterfall. enough said

munch munch


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