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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I did the same technique. close my eyes and randomly clicking all over the screen. and the winner is.... the golden chicken capitol! 
time for the story, a story about the founding of a new empire (golden chicken empire or gce for short) for the first time for people who don't know me, get a glimpse of why people think I'm insane. (I'm not really, I would know.) first the story: Upon the disaster of the first chicken colony several homes were set up across the spiral, but without a permanent home the chickens were lost. a select council of the top coop members of each world inhabited met up on a small island in the home world of Aquila, the world representatives from marleybone, Valencia, and skull island met, "Jeff the wise" from marleybone, "Doug the brave" from Valencia and "carl the not so wise and sort of brave yet has other sort of admirable attributes and was the only one competent enough to come" from skull island. the floor opened on where to settle, Jeff the wise suggested inside a volcano because they wont need a heater in the winter, and in the summer they would set the volcano to cool. Doug the brave suggested they run away from all threats and live on a abandoned island in the middle of nowhere. Carl the not so wise and sort of brave yet has other sort of admirable attributes and was the only one competent enough to come suggested they set up the capital on the abandoned island where they were meeting due to the clean water, fresh food growing on trees, lack of predators, and it being easily defendable and out of hostile territory because the armada had no say in Aquila. Carl was then named
Carl the genius. the others were then stripped of their titles and were put on construction duty for the new capitol. yay carl!
meet carl (above)
during construction the chickens built a navy from old ships to escort the transport ships full of building material, decorations, and gold! after the construction was done the top members of the golden chicken society. they founded a senate to rule over their territory. although they hold no world they do hold territories from all around the spiral. they have turned into a major source of trade of exporting showing off to friends and time wasting. if these chickens were actually smart they might be sort of dangerous...but extremely dangerous under the right mind... currently the chickens own 2 areas of  land in skull island (we still have people in the abandoned colony but it will be some time till its fixed up) a house in marleybone which is the smuggling base, (the chickens have yet to send ships to help the smuggling base but its on the floor) the main source of income for the empire, the grand golden market in Valencia, (thoughts on sending more chickens for the shops are in order but for now aren't approved) and the golden dawn fortress in monquista, close to the stormgate to Aquila to make sure its safe for the chickens to pass. now to show the outside, the most important part (always trying to make a good impression)
the first thing you will see when you dock is the grand entrance, a statue of a Aquilan senator who helped get the chicken island recognized as a independent island under chicken rule, it wasn't that hard because no one wanted to have the chickens on their islands, so win win
  grand chicken station, quick travels to and from 3 important islands (the first colony the fort and the market) the station has vendors trying to sell you things as you go to and from chicken territories as well as mark the chicken who likes to sit in the carriage for no reason, and don't mind the stuck chicken, you should have no problem going in anyways
the favorite spot for stargazing as the Aquilan sky turns dark, (don't mind Sam he just likes bushes)
the shrine to hades, the father of the first golden chicken (look at his wings next time you get a chance) every day I send offerings to bring a bountiful chicken harvest from the bazaar.
Dave the driving chicken, he has been involved in over a thousand wrecks yet we continue to let him drive, why? because he looks funny in the car (don't drive drunk or text while driving)
bob, the main seller in the capitol has a motto, don't close until you sell out. he's annoying and his shipments take a month. so we try to buy it all as soon as he gets the shipment
sure there's a chicken in the olive tree but that's not why I showed you this. I showed you this to show the sphinx who guards the long way down and the theater where chickens watch gladiator fights and plays. currently showing: chickbeth (I know its logically impossible due to time)
the main river, where chickens get their drinking water. also where McDonald likes to hang out
the temple. poor Sarah decided it would be fun to play in the statue making facility, she's first up on the agenda for the emperor of chickens to fix list (that would be mwah)
I don't care if this spots not important its just beautiful. accept it.
the guards to the crypt of the founders, the ones who founded the first chicken colony. now being guarded because a monkey is resurrecting them from the dead.
now to part 2 

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