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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


hello fellow players! this isn't a very big post I just want you guys and gals to know I would love for you to post comments on some posts, it tells me you want to interact and I would love to talk to you. just a note I will be monitoring comments. I wont accept anything political or may be considered offensive. this is supposed to be a family friendly site and I have the right to veto any comments, but just because one comment you try to get posted doesn't make it doesn't mean you can't send any more. thank you all and have a good rest of your day/night. more posts soon

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  1. Hi Jack! I'm Cheyenne Caster, I run . Your blog is very nice! I think your posts are very cool, keep it up! I would just like to make 2 suggestions. First, I think you should change the font for your posts to something standard- it makes it easier to read. Secondly, make sure you title your posts! Its hard to find a post with no title. Apart from those, your blog is excellent! I look forward to more posts!