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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

happy Wednesday! saint patricks day is tomorrow which is very exciting, there happened to be a party yesterday in honor of the day and I took a few pictures so those who weren't there can see it. not many though since it escaped my mind after a bit. to much excitement I suppose (plus school is always on my mind) but some wiz news. it seems updates are coming (fishing in zafaria, which means new fish, new badges and maybe even new fishing levels. also more money out of the pocket for elixirs and fishing spells) but back to the subject on hand

a group shot, see if you can find me. I'm the one in green...

this would be area 2 btw (it got up to 4 areas!) another group shot, see if you can see me again, (hint I'm in armor and have a glowy staff)

a attempt at a v shaped shot. its sort of v so ill give them that,

PVP!!!! which I did not do since I'm not good at it. still its always fun to watch and see what spells I might be getting.

fish fish fish fish. I am happy to say I caught a leprechaun

meet bob. bob says you look tasty

its Paige! she was able to make it and I think we were all happy to see her. and this is where I forgot to keep taking pictures. but a note, at this party (or after it I guess) I managed to do my first ever duel! a master rattlebones... I'm only lvl 90 after all. but thanks to a few twizard friends I managed to beat my first one (I was in celestia when they came out so I was perfectly able to do them. don't judge me my friends never came on) I think rattlebones will be getting more visits from me. I have to say I'm hooked. I do suggest you join twitter and look out for these parties they really are fun. see you on the other side of the lava stream!

-jack currently flying around on a dragon

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