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Sunday, March 27, 2016

happy easter! 2016

HAPPY EASTER! have an egg (~) now lets get this part started!

we shall do skull island today! I'm on a sugar high so lets begin before i pass out!

the rat pack. it was a group of actors lead by Humphry bogart until his death. allot of the rat pack bosses in skull island refer to the members of this group

captain avery (based off of henry every) was a pirate who managed to actually retire with his wealth and live. which is rare. it is said he died in poverty after being cheated out of all his money. ooo avery is in trouble.

well we all know what this references too so no use explaining it

ahh my favorite reference. the godfather is the obvious reference here and they do a good job with the voice. i still do owe him a few favors...

strong john silver a reference to long john silver's a sea food restaurant. i never did like sea food. 

flotsam means a ship wreck washed up by the sea. like this for example is a bunch of ship wrecks all washed up.

a black spot to a pirate means you get stranded on a island with one shot in a gun and a dagger in other words death. yay death tavern

scrimshaw is carving things on bones and since that's what the rats did to these bones that's how the place got its name

this is a reference to the jetsons a old tv show on cartoon network. it was a song on there that's actually sort of catchy,

ah treasure island. another favorite book. blind mew (or blind pew in the book) was a blind man who helps the main character find the treasure. i am out of time so cya!

-jack currently trying attack draconians

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