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Monday, March 7, 2016

don't worry, last chicken house post
part 2 the story of now:
it was a exploration mission, look for territory to claim for chickens. upon arriving at skull island a storm hit and the chickens were blown off course. waking up they found themselves stranded on a small island. they gathered what they could and sent signals to home nest for reinforcements to pick them up. Until then they are deciding to explore the island, just now getting into the caves...

fire creatures control these areas. I wouldn't travel lightly through here

rams, ramming there way through random rooms

a small predator. it has no chance

chameleons. yay! 


small puddle. home to a few creatures

a small group of chickens exploring the caves

`the first mate.

the stairs to the second floor

the living room, the room where the captain died

the captains ship and treasure.

the captains room part 1

the captains room part 2

the kitchen part 1

kitchen part 2

a hallway filled with beetles. its really dirty

first room upstairs. watch out for the spikes

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