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Monday, March 14, 2016

boooooooop new house!
back story time!
the story of the vampire chicken!
a long time ago, when the first chickens unknown to the spiral were roaming and evading capture, a young chicken rouge by the name of Bartholomew set sail for darkmoor, there he met a young vampire by the name of von shane, the vampire immediately tried to suck the chickens blood but failed seeing that the chicken was solid gold. however Bartholomew did become a vampire and proceeded to capture a small island to which he was buried and put into a slumber by his minion...Jeff. the vampire awaited until his service as a chicken of dark magic could be used to raise a undead army to his long awaited master. after the clean up of the monkey witchdoctor in the capital, the emperor put him to use to bring forth more undead witchdoctors and minions to guard the island incase anyone tried to stop them, and soon the vampire chicken will fully waken and he and jeff will help the chickens raise a undead army. mainly so they can take over farms and have corn forever.

part 1 the castle grounds,
it seems von chicken already has a ship

the ship the monkey arrived on, standard chicken witchdoctor ship

hmmm if this doesn't greet visitors I don't know what does

so, river of yum? I dare you to take a drink...

a house entrance, a corrupt lion and a troggy alligator on a stick

what a lovely view, I'm sure Jeff loves it

a glimpse at the "project" boy am I crazy

close up, even more crazy...

I'm glad to move on. never did like being there when the dead raise

a bridge, guarded by a spirit, yay!

aye, the pirate101 pet that represents this blog. got to love them

a view of the lower grounds, those mooshu lights are "borrowed" from the spirit world

who doesn't love soup?

admiral harry, showing off as usual. got to love him.

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