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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

bazaar trek the insane generation

jacks log. spiral date:3/29/16

I am joined by doctor bok
he's half chicken half eagle. what a crazy spiral

we are on the hunt for new recruits for the chicken army. all i know is that this a chicken eat chicken spiral, and I'm wearing corn seed underwear. also on the hunt for guns. mainly because chickens don't have fingers to hold the swords. how they use the gun i don't know. but the better question is, how do they aim? i mean, they can't even see straight, their eyes are so far apart. i need to invest in shades for them. termichickens. don't see that in allot of Sci-Fi movies. may need to cast Arnold eggenbaconer. may the gods of chickens bless that poultry's soul.

conclusion of first 30 min
no luck, not a chicken in sight, I'm beginning to wonder, are we alone in the universe? what's a scarier question is, if there is and its intelligent why has it chosen not to contact us? i may never know. because i don't watch the news.

1 hour in
doctor bok is getting worried no recruits are showing, is it going to be another dry day? only time will tell, until then i shall never leave this spot!

no chickens all day. SEND ME A SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS! the gods must be crazy!

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